Saturday, 27 July 2013

The emperor and the dark side of the force...

Would I spy on you? In a heart beat!
Recent weeks their has been a public wrangling over what the Prime Minster of New Zealand knew and when in relation to the Dotcom raids of July 2011. Shortly after those Raids, Kim Dotcom held a public meeting, in Selwyn during which he discussed the broader circumstances of the raids (that we now know were illegal) and the charges against him.

While Dotcom was seeking to become a permanent resident, The Security Intelligence Service (SIS), had issued a certificate opposing his application.

In mid 2010 John Key, visits California, and talks to major studio representatives. The very next day the SIS certificate is withdrawn, paving the way for Dotcom to get his Permanent Residency status.

Once the PR status is granted GCSB had no legal basis to monitor his activities, but that did not stop them. And now Prime Minister John Key has pushed through legislation to make such monitoring of New Zealand Citizens legally permissible.

The problem with this is the GCSB operates under the auspices of the Prime-minister’s office. This is the path by which persecution of political opposition comes.

It is disturbing to so many quoting unwittingly Jospeph Goebals, the Nazi minister for propaganda when they say "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." Taken in its true context this quote is chilling.

Bradley Manning has nothing to hide, especially after they stripped him naked, made him sleep with the lights on, and look at what they did to him. While some people might call it dating, keep in mind at end of a date, everybody goes home, Bradley might be lucky to see photos of home.

None the less, there was national day action in New Zealand's  main centre, With MP Gareth Hughes speaking in Auckland.

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