Saturday, 8 June 2013

How today's Tea Party is a betrayal of the Boston Tea Party

It has been previously revealed that the Tea Party Patriots is a fake  grass roots movement paid for by Koch Industries and Philip Morris and after a few incarnations Becoming the Tea Party in 2002.
The original Boston Tea were protesting  corporate cronyism behind the 1773 Tea Act giving the East India Company a 100% tax break on exports to the American colonies.
Today Tea Party seems to have corporate tax breaks on the brain, or as some sort of anorexic obsession. The Tea Party of Boston might perhaps be repulsed or revile the corporate sycophantic Tea Party of today.

See now the words of one man who participated in the Boston Tea Party protest, from the memior of George R T Hughes, who was 17 on the night of the breaking of tea chests.

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