Thursday, 27 June 2013

Celebrating Trail mix at SCOTUS

This week certainly has been a mixed bag of nuts from the supreme court. Early in the week SCOTUS' decision on the VRA led to moves in Texas to deny voting rights of minorities within two hours.

Today, the discrimination promoted by DOMA and California's Prop 8 was gutted. But the decision was crafted in such a way that the federal governments ability to defend the rights of the people against rogue state legislatures has been damaged.

The comments from the right were pretty predictable. Shirley Phelps freaked out on twitter. Republicans banged on the "sad day" sound bite.

No one should have been surprised that Antonin Scalia dissented on marriage equality, what was surprising was how obsessed with man on man anal sex Scalia's comments were.

Michelle Bachman, whose lifestyle is perhaps most threaten by today's decision (just as soon as Marcus can find a nice interior decorator with which to settle down), opined that it is not for judges to over turn what god had wrought. Later, Nancy Pelosi, had the most apt and succinct response to Bachman's comments: "Who cares?"

But lets hear from dumbest man in the US Congress...

The more the political right focus on moralizing to the American people the more the American people embrace progressive politics. This may be what drove Texas Republicans to act so fast after the VRA decision, migration of progressives into the state is diluting the GOP vote and increasing attacks on women's rights are driving moderate Republicans away from the GOP.  No doubt this has the Texas GOP in a panic. Keep in mind, these are the people who developed the platform to take critical thinking and higher order thinking skills out of schools in the the run up to the presidential election.

Even GOP darling Bobby Jindal said the GOP has to "stop being the 'stupid' party" if it wants to remain a viable political force. It seems the message sailed passed them like a leaf in a hurricane. Poetic really, since the GOP's energy policies would rapidly create the conditions for more frequent and more powerful hurricanes by pumping carbon into the atmosphere as fast as the economy dig it out of the ground, with out regard to Copenhagen, or the already evident changes in climate.

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