Monday, 30 December 2013

Money can't buy Academic integrity

Money can't buy academic integrity, but Charles G. Koch can buy veto rights to hiring academic staff at Florida State University.

It could hardly be more fascist a corporation having so much control in a state institution. Except perhaps if CGK were to become president of FSU, but he won't do that it is too much of a time commitment, so instead he has minions do hiring and firing at FSU economics department.

This is an obvious and blatant attempt to buy credibility for views favourable to Koch Industries and Corporations in general thus giving fascist friendly propaganda the appearance of Independent support.

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fox's "war on Christmas" is bogus?

While Americans Atheists just want Christmas to keep a minimum safe distance from government, nd over the years Fox has made outrgeous statements concerning attempts to religous observances out of government sphere, including Bill O'Reilly's "Christianity is not a religion" and this year Megyn Kelly's "Jesus and Santa are just white", ignoring that Jesus would have been an olive skinned Semite, and Santa a Turk.
It turns out there really are people who would enjoin people from saying Merry Christmas and here is one of them.

Since Muslims also believe in the Christ figure as a prophet they qualify as Christian in a loose sense. so like Fox the only people fighting the war on Christmas are Christians or at the least the religious.

Spaghetti Bolognas is a beautiful Pastafarian sacrament, Ice cream is a nice desert, if you mix them, you ruin both.

Please help save Pastamas from the professors of satirical religion at Fox news.
May you be touched by his noodley appendage. Ramen!
Merry Pastamas!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Big Russian Bear just playing?

OK, so earlier this year 30 peaceful Greenpeace activists were arrested by shot firing, knife wielding security forces, charged with piracy, and were locked up for months while the court determined that the piracy charges were bogus, and new charges were laid for hooliganism, which lacking any element of hate would also be determined to be bogus, as the Russian Supreme Court has already ruled in the case of Pussy Riot.

There is only one hitch, the court may not get to make that determination, because the Arctic 30 have been included in an amnesty bill along with Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot may be home for Pastamas. Arctic 30 given the limitations of travel arrangements made be home for New Year.

So this is good news His Noodliness has tugged on the Russians to remind them of his complex carbohydrate goodness and that he values being nice to people who disagree with them.

It's not like the arctic 30 or pussy riot need amnesty, they did not break any laws. The Amnesty gambit is like an excise in saving face, after all it is one to be a fool before the Flying Spaghetti Monster (sauce be upon him), quite another to be misanthropic for the FSM really doesn't like that, it hurts his beer buzz. None the less, they have earned a place at the beer volcano, today.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Australia coal: an insecure investment

A new study from Oxford University, indicates that much of Australia's coal reserves will become stranded assets.
On the back of environmental concerns China is set to eventually move away from coal, leaving perhaps 2/3 of Australia's coal reserves untouched by 2050.
This comes after New Zealand's Solid Energy a state owned coal producer went belly up on the back of weak international coal prices and unrealistic dividend demands from the New Zealand government.
The new Oxford report calls in to question the wisdom of new mining expansions and coal port projects.
One project of particular environmental concern is a coal port expansion project off Abbott Point, Queensland set to make the port the largest in the world. Located near great Barrier Reef, this project has raised concerns that it will add even more pressure to an already under stress natural treasure.

Perhaps what we are seeing here is a desperate and delusional industry driving a credulous government ready to believe any business is good business. Well, Rio Tinto are not fooled. they're divesting over AU$3b from coal production.
The carbon bubble is coming, China is moving away from coal on the back of localised environmental concerns already. Coal fired energy production is causing acid rain in China and Japan while Shanghai plants turn the colour of the Tokyo sky. These are the most innocuous effects compared to the destabilization of the climate.
The carbon bubble offers perhaps the best business reason for divestment, a close second is perhaps the rapidly growing divestment movement of Universities, churches and cities around the world are making the choice to divest from extractive carbon industries. So to add to weak demand for coal and other extracted carbon, the extractive industry is going to find financing a tougher market in which to raise capital investment funds.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fox News' War on Pastamass rides again, with casualties

This week Megyn Kelly made the preposterous claim the gift giver of the annual solstice is an elderly obese Caucasian male who flies a magical sleigh towed by magical reindeer capable of overcoming mythical gravity.

Her comments were so embarrassing she was asked to give the following night a miss on her own show. Clearly mainstream Pastafarians should not have to put up with such ignorant comments, even from a comedian, like Ms Kelly. She returned after her one day sabatical, apollogetic, barely.

What Ms Kelly clearly does not understand is that gravity is just a theory and no magic reindeer are required to overcome it.  All you need is the cooperation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

She also fails to understand that an elderly some centuries old could not possibly be fit enough to visit every country in 24 days , let alone 24 hours. And the guy she picked hasn't done a lick of track-work in a century, and clearly pigs out at every stop.

These new Christians are deluding themselves they will use any excuse they can to deny the Flying Spaghetti Monster a place in their emotionless hearts. They arrogantly profess to know the truth and yet the deny the Flying Spaghetti Monster and all his complex carbohydrates goodness. You would think should be more greatful to he who boiled for their din-dins.

The Truth(tm) as we Pastafarians  have always known it for centuries is that the Flying Spaghetti Monster delivers toys to good little cabin boys and bar wenches, and he doesn't need gimmicks to do it, he flies and has noodley appendages, everything a FSM needs deliver toys to three billion trainee crew.

Thankfully we don't have to rely on artistic impressions of our noodley saviour, being a bit of a whore for the camera's attention he generously provides us with many opportunities to see his noddliness on a regular basis. And Clearly not Caucasian.

Here he is in New Zealand Summer 2011, checking to see if John Key had followed his advice and not run in the election earlier that year. His Noodliness is reported to have  been "most disappointed".

In 2012, visiting Rome, he suggest Pope Benedict should get some rest. His Noodliness is reportedly "very pleased" that they accepted his advice.

In 2010, he visited mecca to ask if the would "Please stop beheading people who don't believe in me, it's not nice. I don't require them to believe in me, It is just nice if they do and beheading them kinda ruins my beer buzz. So please, will you stop?" Shortly after a mob came at him with machetes. He later commented "It's a good thing am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They seem to have lost the whole point of what I'm trying to do with this world, ... and that's party. I don't know Cthulhu had anything to do with their behaviour, but it looks suspicious."

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

NZ Census:Religion declining faster, Christianity deposed

According to the 2013 census taken in March, New Zealanders are losing their religion even faster. With the non-religious now numbering 41%.

Christianity is no longer the "majority view". That claim was once made by lobbying groups and political parties, laughable as was give the diversity of opinion on social and political issues among New Zealand Christians from liberal Presbyterians and Anglicans to conservative billboard-slashing Catholics and cultist Exclusive Brethren and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The news is being celebrated by Humanist, atheist and secular groups. The news is of special concern to the Secular Education Network an association of parents concerned about the attempts to indoctrinate of their children against their wishes through an opt out system and inadequate notification, and neglectful handling of children who have been excluded from religious instruction. An example of this treatment is of a 7 year old made to sit in the timeout corner, normally used for children who are disrupting class.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

The Brick

A friend described my blog as "almost poetic" in it's criticism of right wing politics. I figure why almost, lets go full on poetic.

So, this morning enchanted with the idea of  how we are all connected through economy, and how too many of us struggle for basic needs while a few sit in arrogant judgement of "poor choices" "free loaders" and "welfare queens". I found something that clearly shows another way of thinking. Thomas Paine observed that Native Americans did not know poverty until the Europeans turned up. But more importantly economics does not judge, nor does the brick.
The brick was made to build a civilization.
It lays by it's fellows and together they hold strong,
supporting each other for the defence of what lies within,
bravely standing against wind and the rain,
having no concern for profit or how much money it will have at the end of the day.

They do not look down on each other.
They don't libel unemployed bricks as drug addicts or lazy.
A brick does not scheme to exploit lower bricks.
High bricks only reach their giddy heights by the support of lower bricks
High brick do not judge low bricks.

Can we build our society like bricks, we we do not judge each other,
where we raise each other up instead of tearing each other down.
Can we learn to share our wealth?
can we understand that giving away riches allow them to return multiplied?
People were made to build a society. Just as the brick was made to build a civilisation.
Shall we come together like bricks and build a structure to weather the elements?

Discarded bricks make break, they may build a new piled structure,
and again they will support each other.
They may move, and give each other room,
and they may smash down an old order and create a new.
The more discarded bricks there are, the greater the peril and the need to change.
No popular movement has ever failed once 3.5% of the population support it. Get informed, get out there, get active. Save capitalism and democracy from the fascists.
While I am a progressive, I'm mainly a pragmatist, capitalism is a useful tool in economics, but pure capitalism is a nightmarish  horror show that make Resident Evil pale in comparison, and we can the failures of more ideologically driven capitalism in many advanced economies. If governments do not account for the social well being of it citizens, they doom themselves to replacement by revolution at the polling booth or other means.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Dear Westpac

Today I'm writing to Westpac Zealand Limited, to let them know they Things they are doing are losing them business, my business.
I'm not he only one hundreds of Wespac NZ customer wrote them this week. to seend a clear that their investment int the Coal mining company that is about mine a world heritage site with unique species is unacceptable to its customers.
In my case is is not the only issue that makes them less than ideal to deal with, so as soon as I don't have to, I wont.

6 December 2013

Attn: Peter Clare - Chief Executive Officer

Westpac New Zealand Limited
Level 1, 16 Takutai Square

Dear Peter,
    having banked with Westpac New Zealand Ltd for over 20years, and enjoyed low fees Elect account. And a consistent and reliable service, Over time I have myself being increasingly troubled by features of the bank are somewhat less attractive.
  1. Funding of catastrophic climate change investment invest in old-carbon extractive industry projects. Including but not limited to proposed Denniston Plateau which appears to me be a worthy natural world heritage site.
  2. The extraction of Billions dollars of New Zealand's money supply expatriated to offshore parent companies.
  3. Not allowing customers like myself to choose a higher minimum payment rate on our credit cards and not allowing me to shift to a cheaper credit card product without first changing banks.
  4. I also share the concerns of many that certain large banks exploit derivatives markets, to the cost of the productive economy on which the vast majority depend for their livelihood and any hope of a descent life in which people can meet basic needs of food and accommodation, educate themselves and their children, enjoy leisure time, save for retirement and contribute to their communities.
At this, point I no longer feel that I want to continue doing business with Westpac any longer than I have to. At this point that period appears to be at most year, after that you may not see my account for dust.
Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Customer

UPDATE 7 Dec 2013

It appears Westpac may be missing the message here. I found this at the Newtown branch office in Wellington. Seriously Westpac, what I many others have been saying over the last week is don't be evil. At least Google knows "don't be evil" is a good idea enough to at least say it, even if they ignore it by joining the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (speed dating for corporations who want to game the system and legislators who want to let them).

Monday, 2 December 2013

How scroogenomics is destroying capitalism.

The modern Scrooge character is very different to the Scrooge of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Not only is the 21st century Scrooge a grudging employer paying only what is required by law (if that), but also holds clients and customers in smug contempt for not realizing he's conning them he may well also be a clinical psychopath or sociopath.

His definition of a successful economy is fairly narrow by many standards, to him it is one that makes him even more obscenely wealthy than he already is. When asked about others his response is "I want my fair share, and that's all of it."

We should all be familiar with how Dickens' Scrooge was a grudging employer to Bob Cratchet. Today we have the Wall Mart Heirs, who instead of spending US$7billion dollars to raise their workforce out of poverty bought stocks in their own company to boost the share price. They didn't even use revenues to do it. the made US$17b in revenues last year, and could easily have raised all associates wages by over US$5/hr. Saving the US tax payer US$1.2b in public assistance.  Walmart did arrange a sort of swap meet, so that associates who were struggling for thanksgiving could get a little extra. Which might sound good to some, but letting other people be generous on your behalf is no more than an abdication of your own responsibility to act as a decent human being or ethical employer. If corporations are people according to the Supreme Court judgement, then some corporations can be cheapskate assholes of dubious lineage and infect with the pox. As I write SCOTUS is considering whether corporations can have a religion. If so, does this mean pagan corporations get to sacrifice virgins to their volcano Gods?

The race the to bottom for wages and prices is a loosing game for everyone. Like a room full of people where everyone has a gun and an unlimited supply of ammunition. Any can shoot in any direction if you get shot, you must shoot twice, since every one is blind folded, the game only ends when the last person standing has no one to play with.

As wages are driven down, for example by big box retailers, they starve competition and other community enterprises of custom and of business. But they also starve manufacturers of demand because of the suppress wages in the retail sector and fewer retail workers can to buy manufactured goods as often. Primary producers are also affected as wage become so low worker struggle to put food on the table. Manufacturers and producers are forced to raise price or reduce their employment costs either by paying less or laying off staff, sometimes they sell of plant and equipment, and in some cases shut down all together. This can become a positive feed back loop. Fewer goods at lower prices in a market with reduced liquidity, further reduces liquidity as manufacturing and production workers join the ranks of the un(der)employed, further reducing liquidity, and suppressing retail activity until the bankster has no one to play with. To how these low wage employers hurt non-competition. A big box hardware will hurt cinema business, because none of it's staff can afford a night at the movies or a restaurant meal if disposable income is $2.74/week. Smaller competitor retailers are forced to lower prices, and pay for that in reduction of and or wages. Or they close up shop and get work out of town or in a big box retailer.

The economics of big box retailers, are sensitive to factors that are different to small retailer models, because the operate on smaller margins, market shifts make them more fragile. As consumers we can take advantage of that, and push them to do the right thing, and we may even get a better bargin in the process. Costco for example pays a living wage, and offers most of its workers a quality health plan, while many of the remainder get a $500 cheque for buying their own health plan. Support these guys and other ethical employeers sends a message, that the market will not accept starvation offered by a greedy few. CostCo is also cheaper than Walmart. You may find bulk purchasing difficult, so get together with friends or form a community to shop and swap. Shop at the big box, and divide and swap portions purchase among yourselves, you may be to on sell some items on ebay.

Another Black Friday has just rolled by leaving 4 dead and 67 injuries. perhaps this indicates a desperation born of thirty of race-to-bottom corporate strategy, or hyper consumerism. Either way there has to be a better way than for corporations to act like douces and blame the victims when it all goes belly up.

It was once a requirement that corporate charters included the responsibility to offer a public good. Bring back that requirement would almost see and end to corporate psychopathy(see The Corporation - a documentary that uses the DSM IV to diagnose corporate behaviour). That required was removed in the first half of the the 20th century. Since then corporate ethics in the US have been on a downward slide, which lately appears to be very well greased with a mixture of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico and "produced" water from the Pennsylvanian Fracking fields. But that is a another story

Saturday, 30 November 2013

More money for fat assed public sector bosses?

New Zealand: Public sector bosses earning NZ$600k have been tipped to dig even deeper into the public purse.

I'm sorry guys you are working for a government that more than doubled government debt in just 5years, thus allowing banksters to main line off the the tax payer, and now you tell me you want your cut too?! Um yeah, get back to me after you have lost 17kg because you can't afford enough food to eat.

While you are asking for more, ask for some on behalf of those who struggle to put food on the table.

USA had a brilliant scheme, until the unchristian God bothering GOP killed it in Congress, which put food on tables and money in the hands of primary producers.  Called the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Programme, it put about NZ$7 worth of food per day with in reach of qualified beneficiaries, - working poor, unemployed, the elderly on low incomes.

It is a market idea not even our right wing can argue against, Except maybe Act or the conservatives - the closest things we have to a tea party. Those freaks would amputate their legs at the knees if they thought they could make a profit out of it.

As an example of what I mean here, to avoid discriminating against same sex couples in spousal benefits for National Guard Service a Oklahoma's Governor has cut all spousal benefits for National Guard Service in her state.

Nuts in our political greenhouse

Politicians can be the best argument for increased spending on mental health beds. Only partly on their insistence that such spending should be reduced. Recently the US has seen another tragedy, after a  man who was clearly unwell, was sent way from a mental health facility only because they did not have a bed for him days later he kills his family. New Zealand did have a similar incident.

Locally the push for old carbon energy is a loser. History is against it, the science is against an yet Gerry Brownlee considers anthropogenic climate change to be and "interesting proposition". That despite the science drawing a unanimous agreement from the IPCC - a political institutional that historically has struggled to get all of its members to acknowledge that climate change was even happening as factions influence by money and large commercial special interests lobbied them into making farcical claims of denial.

Colin Craig, our clown political pimp of buffoonary, Blames cosmic rays and sun spots, and can't rule out chem trails, seems to be happy to surround himself with those who've fallen for this barking mad hypothesis. Craig also seems to want Auckland's kids to start vege gardens in their high rise apartments, after suggesting that all children be taught how to grow their own vegetables.

That Craig surrounds himself with credulous idiots, is really nothing new. It's how America's Republican party works, they go to special interest groups like the pro-lifers and say "If you defend rights of microscopic goo, you might be a Republican" and to anti-gay group they say "If hate when gay people get the same right to marry and be as happy or miserable as you, then you might be a Republican." To fiscal conservative "If you hate paying to feed people in a low wage economy - you're definitely a Republican." And so we have the same behaviour here. Ultimately they don't really care about these issues, they only care for the votes pretending to care gets them, because the only thing they really care about is cutting a better deal for big top heavy business. Nature has a way of dealing with top heavy organism, remember the dinosaurs. They fell to climate change, economic environments change too, and there is an economic ice age coming. This is because the fundamentals have not changed since 2008. The Dodd-Frank act, the replacement for Glass-Steagall, has been passed but no appropriations bills have been passed to fund regulating the Banking industry. So the banksters, are ripping the system same as ever, and a new crash is coming, the only upside is reduced economic activity will hurt CO2 pollution. 2008 will be a cake walk by comparison.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Russian Court ruling: Release the Arctic 30 and the Arctic Sunrise

Its official! The Russian government is to release 29 of the 30 protesters who stood against oil drilling in environmentally sensitive Arctic waters. That is the ruling of the Kalininsky District Court in St. Petersburg, which ruled that they must be release on bail. Releases started Monday.

Unfortunately, Colin Russell, remains in custody, as his pretrial detention has been extended to Feb 24th. His lawyers will appeal.

Ultimately, it seems like there is little legal basis hold any of the protesters for their act of civil disobedience.

Certainly the Russian forces use of fire arms was over the top. Shooting at activists attempting the board the drilling platform for talks.

The message is clear free the Arctic 30, and lock up carbon. Life on Earth depends on it.


Friday, 1 November 2013

Ken Cuccinelli's new War

Undeterred after Virginia's Supreme court struck down his anti sodomy law Ken Cuccinelli is stepping up his gubernatorial campaign with new "family values" plans. While speaking to a donor's meeting "there is genocide being practised in our universities!" He continued "It goes by various euphemisms, but perhaps the most prosaic is 'whackng off' because it tells of the dismissive attitude to the victims. College students are killing billions every night in the the dorm rooms of our state and across America. I propose to put an end to it."  This is not just idle rhetoric of a man hoping to been in charge of a Southern state, Cuccinelli has a plan. " I propose that that once I'm elected governor of this great state I will build a task force drawing expertese from S.W.A.T, Specials forces and Navy Seals. They will storm dorm rooms fully equipped with the latest in army surplus equipment."

When a reported asked about the plan "Is this plan just more big government?". Cuccinelli responded "This is genocide in our community it must be stopped the bible says so, if we have to delay our anarchist Utopia, a few months it will be worth it."  An MSNBC reporter queried civil liberties  aspects of the plan. Cuccenelli's response was dismissive "I'm sick of ACLU types interfering in the implementation of biblical law in this country. My team is gathering a rock pile and we  shall be able to address that problem too. Where are also looking for people with good throwing arms."

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dear Oprah

We atheists get awe, we always got awe, our experience is as diverse and rich as any other people. It is full of the simultaneous beauty, hideousness, complexity, simplicity, horror, the vast macro scale, the intricate and counter intuitive nanoscale, and everyday midi scale with human nurturing, care, and cruelty, insanity, humour and consideration of our experience is the human experience.

It needs no gods, no ancient writings of savage civilizations, no poetically twisted language of science offered to sell books.

Humans are by nature emotional creatures, it was true yesterday, it is true today and it will be true tomorrow. We are also capable of reason and through reason we find no evidence of god in the traditional sense. Powerful and profound emotional experiences are just that. They can be beautiful uplifting or devastating. If they happen to be the former there is no reason to call them God, it simply demonstrates that the word does not mean what you think it means. The word god has  meaning referring to an all knowing superpower so what ever you call awe, be it yugen or amazement or joie de vivre, the one thing it is not is god. If you are going to torture the English language, have the decency to do it out of public view, like the CIA.

And while your at it knock off the "The Secret" stuff. because when things don't work out like people hope it just leaves them frustrated and depressed and being led to believe that there lives suck because they haven't a strong enough imagination to overcome their reality which is that trickle down economics is a scam designed to extract money from the working poor an middle class and give it to the rich.

Traditionally the word soul referred to living person there was no supernatural element to this word until the Catholics started chewing on their own dictionaries and the lead in the ink affect their brains. It was all good though it filled the coffers nicely. All the priests had to say was "Nice soul you have their, wouldn't want anything to happen to it." And the gullible and poorly educated peasants would respond to this empty threat, and fill the golden platter with contribution for the godfather tithe to the church. Like the traditional concept of God, the concept of the eternal or extra-corporeal soul has no evidential support.

Props to Diana Nyad for being straight up and showing that people don't need god to be extraordinary.

In case you were still wondering what Atheism is, Take 5 minutes to let Bill Maher explain it to you...

While the children were playing in Congress.

While the children were playing in Congress, the grown ups were working in labs...

Monday, 14 October 2013

Simon Bridges spazzes out on Campbell Live

Minister for Energy and Resources, and Associate Minister for Climate change issues, (seems like a conflict of interest to me) appeared on Campbell Live and proceeded to have a tantrum worthy of  guano psychotic Michelle Bachman. the only thing he didn't say was  "'Maranatha Come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand, '"

See the interview here

Simon Bridges seemed out of his depth, like many in the Tea Party, spouting talking points that barely if at all address any questions or issues raised. He also seem to be trying to win the conversation by simply talking louder and oer John Campbell. John did call Bridges out, clearly a little exasperated, in the most professional way for this nonsense, but Bridges continued. Continuing to demonstrate a disregard for facts not seen in New Zealand politics outside of case resulting in fraud trials. Bridges tactics were a brilliant demonstration of handwaving, that should be study by boy scouts aiming for the semaphore badges. Brilliant also how John pressed to admit that drilling would be in waters twice as deep any other drilled in NZ waters to date. They effort Bridges put into avoiding making this strongly evident.

Strangely it seemed, it was like he was working from a Tea Party media handbook. But then with all these US based Oil companies, If we export crude to the US, Koch Industries will more than likely refine some of that oil. With the Koch Brothers funding Tea Party's start up and spending $200m to defeat the Affordable Care Act and shutting down the US government to make it happen, it does not seem so strange. It seems quite reasonable in fact. All it needs is proof.

It has been noted that once the TPPA is signed there will be no backing out at least not without getting sued by multinational companies with reserves big enough to buy the entire country.

Simon Bridges also made illegal to protest within 500 metres (546 yards) of an oil industry vessel. The law contravenes international law and the principle of the right to non violent protest, of the sort the Arctic 30 have been charged with piracy by the Russian authorities. Note 1,300,000 people have written to Russian ambassadors in a effort to #freethearctic30.

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IMF: Romneys tax plan as out dated as his hair

We should have known after the congressional Research service panned Supply side economics. That the IMF might see sense, even though it has been in the past no friend to the poor, extracting debt recovery and interest from poor nations and requiring disastrous economic policy that further crushed the economic prospects of poor nations.

There has been a turn around in their thinking lately, with the admission that they made mistakes, mis-handling the economies of nations. And now they have finally seen what economists have been saying for decades before Ronald Reagan's voodoo economic strategy possessed the soulless minions and ideologues of the conservative right by appealing to the vanity and greed of the rich and those who imagined themselves to be temporarily embarrassed rich, A.K.A. the right's useful idiots.  Now those idiots calling themselves the Tea Party have taken over congress after funding by the rich, namely the Koch Brothers, there are others but this pair are the best documented.

The question remains, will hair styles be dragged back 30 years, or can we keep our emo, punk, and goth cuts. The IMF are with us on this. New haircuts excite and revive an economy.  Also,  Tabatha Coffee would not have to work so hard taking over salons otherwise destined to go under.

Mitt Romney really should have guessed while he was running for president his hair style was not winning over voters, and vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act wasn't helping either.

Paul Ryan is still pushing for his economic plan better known as the Romney Plan v1.0.1. while concessions, have meant the current presidency has overseen less spending than any presidency since Eisenhower. Though calls remain for further budget cuts.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Tea Party are killing their own base.

Farmers in the mid west are at the heart of the Tea Party base. Now a blizzard has blown through, yes it is autumn so this is early, so we can suspect climate change had a role here, though the Tea Party will reflexively deny it. Farmers are reported to have lost between 5 and 25% of their stock. Now, the Farm Bill expired on October 1st would help, but the Tea party blocked it. there are also a couple of agencies that could help, but the Tea Party shut them down.

They didn't just screw the pooch here, they shoved a weed-whacker up its ass.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
The thing is, while this is a tragedy for those farmers, and right now there is little certainty for them. Ultimately this may give them pause during next years mid-term elections, and one thing may be certain in there minds right now, some thing like "I'm never voting for a Tea Party candidate as long as I live." because where were the Tea Party's fine words when they lost their livelihoods.

The Tea Party have more great News, never before has the Republican party popularity sunk so low in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll. This ground breaking achievement could not have been possible without Ted Cruz misreading Green Eggs and Ham and guano psychotic Michelle Bachman gleefuly chatting about the government shut down and the "end times", and we can't neglect to mention Louie Gohmert's Muslim Brotherhood/Benghazi conspiracy theories. Tanking foodstamps, WIC, Military Survivor benefits, and meals on wheels have all led to the GOP becoming the most hated mainstream politcal organisation it has ever been. None of it would have happened with funding from the Koch Brothers, they created the Tea Party, they funded their super PACs, and they told them what strategy to pursue, they even came up with the shutdown strategy.

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Thorazine: Why the GOP is Afraid of Obamacare

Many theories have been circulating as experts have been trying to determine what is driving congress to threaten the American nation with complete economic collapse over the push to ensure 40,000,000 Americans can get health care that they can afford, Even though insurers like the Affordable Care Act.

Some say it is because incumbents are afraid of being replace by more extreme candidates in primary run offs for the 2014 mid-term elections.

Others say it is because of paid political operatives who are trying to destroy the government while many argue over whether such operatives read Green Eggs and Ham or Eat Salads grown in the Rose Garden.

To hear Republicans talk of "Obamacare", with their wild and unfounded accusations of implantable microchips, death panels, calling the president the Anti Christ Muslim terrorist from Kenya lining up Americans for drone strikes, we must consider that the real reason Tea Party congressmen and congresswomen especially, are so vitriolically opposed to the President's flagship legislation is that it may force them to get help for their anti-social personality disorder, delusional schizophrenia, and paranoid psychosis.

The preceding does use some technical terms the reader may not find familiar Let's have alook at anti-social personality disorder. It has several features
  • Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. The ACA has been law for three years, the Koch brothers are running a campaign to encourage law breaking by propagandizing young healthy Americans to not sign up for health insurance under The ACA. Also house Republicans are sworn to protect and defend the constitution and the laws of the USA.
  • Deceitfulness Boehner says there are not enough votes to pass a clean CR yet several counts show at least the 217 declared votes ready to pass a clean continuing resolution.
  • Impulsivity Republicans have no economic plan, Trickle down economics is a fiction design to reverse Robin Hood the system.
  • Irritability and aggressiveness They still want to bomb Syria and Iran. Note also Iran's leader are described and fundamentalist Muslims funding terrorism and yet they are more willing to negotiate with President "Blackula" than the Tea Party.
  • Reckless disregard for the safety of themselves and others. They voted to gut the SNAP programme, in Colorado springs they gutted emergency services because they did not like taxes and needed federal help when wild fires hit. Poll numbers show the GOP is being slammed hard as Americans realize the shutdown is been forced by intransigent kooks on a mission from a belfry bat. While Cancer kids on drug trials are not getting treatment WIC recipients will be under nourished.
  • Consistent irresponsibilityConsistently they blame the president for every thing that is not wonderful, including the the steaming pile of national debt and unfinished wars, 1% failure rate of the clean energy in investment programme, the slow recovery (which is normal for a banking breakdown) that they obstructed by preventing infrastructure maintenance and development that would stimulate growth.
  • Lack of remorse They are actually happy to have brought the US government to it's knees, Michelle Bachman said she was "very excited".

As Michelle Bachman last weekend expressed joy that in her view the President was bringing about the end times she was glee filled secure in her certainty that she would finally see her invisible friend.

Congressman Yoho(that really is his real name), looked forward to defaulting on the national debt saying it would bring stability. It is worth noting that former President Ronald Reagan's condition has been very stable around three decades, but it is safe to say there is little hope for recovery in his case. In all seriousness, defaulting would have serious implications for American and international business concerns. Notice how Yoho, and his agreeable colleagues have not deferred to the wisdom of economists or their donor base in forming this opinion. There is some speculation as to what tools they used to arrive at their conclusion, reading tea leaves, rune stones, ouija-boards, chicken entrails, or long drunken conversations over spiced baby goat simmered in its mother's milk.

One study on the subject of conspiracy theories, showed 4% of republicans believe reptilians are trying to take over the government. the fact it reality is much worse, at least reptilians would be rational, but since the Reagan era cuts to mental services, consumers have to find new accommodation, some of them appear to have chosen the people's house.

The dreaded Obamacare not only makes it easier for Americans to access general medical services, but also gives them access to mental health services too. This means sedatives, antipsychotics, SSRIs, and many other tools of the pharmacopia would become available to them and with the right counselling  they would be encouraged to develop consciousness of their actions and empathy for others. Their fear perhaps lies, in the notion of potential guilt knowing how many and how much they have hurt people many of them Americans whom they swore to serve as representatives, but to whom they have said through their actions "I got Mine, Fuck you."

Don't be surprised when Louie Gohmert vows "We must be prepared stop the Muslim Brotherhood by any means necessary, and so we directing NORAD to target the Whitehouse. And we demand to see the aliens at Area-51."

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it one accepted by many modern and well governed countries around the world, it is this we don't vote for crazy people, at least not often. Sure it may be reasonable to not have a religious test for public office, though holding the position that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old may call into question a candidates analytical prowess. But how about psyche exam? Nothing fancy, let's just be sure as we can be that powerful nation don't leaders who are inclined to drive their nations into self destructive spirals of nationalism, race-baiting, persecution of minorities, foreign wars, and economic hari kari in the name of "The Creator".

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Klingenschmitt: Transgender Professor Possessed By A Demonic Spirit

Never mind that we know transgender individuals live happier lives after their transitions, lowering their risk of suicide, depression and other self harm.

Note cross dressing and transgenderism are completely different things, only one diagnosable in the DSM IV.

What aberrant psychology, drives people like KlingenSchmitt to cock-block other peoples health, welfare and safety? Often it is self loathing identification with the target group, it can also be anti-social personality disorder with sociopathic or psychopathic features, alternatively they are just in it for the money because like sex, hating on sex with an imaginary friend sells. Which one do you think applies here?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Onion to buy Fox News

CEO of The Onion, Steve Hannah, today announced that the Onion is engaged in a hostile take over of Fox News. Hannah stated in a press conference held at 2:30 9 ET in the Caucus Room restaurant Washington DC.
"We think they offer comedic credentials that complement our business model."
He also commented on the recent scandal where Fox reportedly stole Material from competitor satirical media site National Report.
"It is worrying behaviour, if the charges are true, but for now they have created an opportunity from which comedy will be the ultimate winner at the end of the day."
When asked if such a take over would create an unacceptable monopoly under the Sherman Act he responded with
"M*A*S*H is classic comedy, Harry Morgan has nothing to worry about, his portrayal of Colonel Sherman Potter will stand up for generations."
Hannah also noted that "We would not be here today but for a meeting that took place in this very room in January 2009."

Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, could not be reached for comment but his office released a statement saying only "We believe we are working in fundamentally different markets, we don't do satire, we steal it, or we invent news, this is not a market for creativity."

Hannah responded to the Fox statement by email saying "Ailes is brilliant, he has a classic straight-man schtick going on, that's why we love him and his company."

Fox stocks fell 5 points, while The Onion stock was over 200F degrees at time of writing.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

In Historically Unprecedented Move, Congressional Research Service Finding Is Squelched

Republicans moved to silence a Congressional Research Service scientific report that showed Supply Side economics is little more than a counter-factual narrative that leads to deepening income inequality and has little effect on economic growth.

According to the CRS paper:
Throughout the late-1940s and 1950s, the top marginal tax rate was typically above 90%; today it is 35%. Additionally, the top capital gains tax rate was 25% in the 1950s and 1960s, 35% in the 1970s; today it is 15%. The real GDP growth rate averaged 4.2% and real per capita GDP increased annually by 2.4% in the 1950s. In the 2000s, the average real GDP growth rate was 1.7% and real per capita GDP increased annually by less than 1%. There is not conclusive evidence, however, to substantiate a clear relationship between the 65-year steady reduction in the top tax rates and economic growth. Analysis of such data suggests the reduction in the top tax rates have had little association with saving, investment, or productivity growth. However, the top tax rate reductions appear to be associated with the increasing concentration of income at the top of the income distribution.
The paper was published in the lead up to the 2012 election, even though it was mentioned by the New York Times, the headline was so muted, and the article slanted by finishing off with a talking point the author had made a $5000 contribution to Democratic political causes. No reader, going by the article alone could accurately assess the nature of the article, or its veracity. This slimy trick could be applied to the discovery of a cure for cancer using stem cells of the patient by claiming the researcher eats babies for lunch. [Ed. Watch out researchers your big pharma competitors might actually try that].

If you are having to tighten your belt, and to do so, you have to punch a new hole in it, it's not just you. If your doctor is telling you that you have to eat more, but you're left with month at the end of your money, it's not just you. You are one of millions who have been swindled, not just out of any hope of prosperity, but out of any hope of even a comfortable standard of living.

If you have three of those 10,000,000 new jobs Rick Perry has bragged about the solution is not to get a 4th one. your only getting 6 hours of sleep a week as it is. What needs to change is the minimum wage. it must raise to a living wage, California has started the process, and from January 2016, Californian workers cannot be paid less than $10/hour. This is how it starts, workers will migrate to California and other states offering living wage levels. States sticking with the "I got mine, f*ck the rest of you" minimum wage rates, will find it harder to attract worker. So Texas will once again see net migration depopulating the state. Her only hope in the near future is Wendy Davis becoming Governor. But even if Wendy's Campaign does not take her into the the Governor's mansion, she will raise issues, and mobilize a Texan population that is turning blue not only from demographic trends but also from the strangle-hold of  theocratic anarcho-capitalist* aristocratic governance that has blighted the state for nearly 20 years. Texas becoming a blue state is inevitable on current trends. Republicans in Texas know this and it is why they a so keen to gerrymander the states electoral boundaries and laws, especially the winner -takes-all law.

* Anarcho-capitalism refers to the concept that governments should not regulate industry, which is fine until your unregulated fertilizer plant explodes or Wall Street tanks your economy by gambling your money and a mega tonne of money it doesn't have on risky stock market trades in junk markets like junk bonds and underwater mortgages.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shout for one of USA's biggest indepentant media channels

The Young Turks needs it own studio. they have swag to go and they call truth to power like few others do. I recommend that those who can support the team in this very important project - replacing the oligarchy.

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Going solar in Wellington schools.

Going to school in days of sun are a fond memory for many, but soon the experience will be even more solar powered, thanks to a partnership between Wellington City Council and Genesis Energy. This partnership will put rooftop solar panels in 12 Wellington schools. This should ease pressure on school budgets, as well as educate the next generation on the effectiveness of solar microgeneration.

Many myths exist about solar power, including doubts that solar panels can deliver enough energy to run a home. Yet in Europe and in the UK where solar is rather more common, people are very happy with the energy surpluses their residential roof top solar systems provide, resulting in cheques and rebates from grid energy providers.

These myths are encouraged of course by New Zealand grid providers and political conservatives who see our energy infrastructure as a valuable asset to be sold to multinational interests. Having game changing competition would ruin that value and any prospect of get a "decent" price for our big generators.

The fact is, the technology works, panels specced at 23% efficiency are available in New Zealand, and Genesis will pay retail prices, for now anyway, for excess energy fed back into the grid. The incentive for Genesis may well be that it helps them avoid investing in new generation, which would sink quarterly returns.

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The holy quran and plaguerism.

While many maintain that Mohamad wrote wrote entirety of the the "holy" Quran, there is good reason to accept while Mohammad contributed  some verses, a half dozen other authors contributed much of the text.

The symbol of moon and crescent is owed to pagan traditions followed by Mohammad before he took to exploring religious traditions.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Libertarian heaven, is it real?

Libertarians want to end government by they say government does nothing get in the way. There one country that got rid of their government, however, and this may seem odd liberatarians not flocking to it's sunny shores and its free market Utopia, I wonder why?

Climate change - The Story of Carbon Cycling & Methane

Carbon Dioxide may get things started, but methane may finish us off.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wall Street Derivates: The end of the world economy.

The number don't lie, but banksters surely do. Their death grip of control over washing is going to make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

Banksters, can we shoot them now, or do we have to wait until they bring on the zombie apocalypse?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

As Shutdown takes hold GOP demand more...

House Republicans, gleeful and bouyed by their success in shutting down federal Government, have issued new demands.

Michelle Obama must do her in the style of Nancy Reagan
Bring back Eight track tapes.
Release Elvis Presley from Area 51.
Make Chastity belts fashionable.

After every thing else that they have demanded is it so hard to believe anymore they would make such demands? Sadly the truth is such foolish behaviour is more credible than it should be.  For all their posturing over Obamacare, however, the above demands might well have been the GOP's primary focus, for all it actually matters to them. While they have chosen healthcare reform as their focus, it could have been anything, even building a mile long spaceship to boldly go where no one has gone before, for this crapfest, any turkey will do. Since 2009, Republicans have been plotting a government shutdown, because nearly pulling it off 17 years previously was so much fun the first time. In 2009, Orrin Hatch commented that health care reform must be stopped or it will become so popular no one would vote Republican again.
That's their goal. Move people into government that way. Do it in increments. They've actually said it. They've said it out loud.
A step-by-step approach to socialized medicine. And if they get there, of course, you're going to have a very rough time having a two-party system in this country, because almost everybody's going to say, "All we ever were, all we ever are, all we ever hope to be depends on the Democratic Party."

The entire spectacle is little more than a political stunt design to make the Democratic presidency look bad to those in their base and those with an affinity for the GOP and let's not forget the low-information-voters or as political-science calls them - dip-shits.

To the architects of this charade, It does not matter than 800,000 hard working federal employees wont know when they'll get paid next, or that the job market is so broken they may be unable to support themselves for the duration. It does not matter that it will hurt foreign trade relations. It does not matter that it hurts the tourist trade. Nor does it matter that the American people want the provisions of Obamacare when they under stand what they are.

In fact that last point, sort of does matter, they know that when Obamacare is fully implemented, Like the UK's NHS, the people will fight to defend it and may hold a grudge against those who have sought to destroy it. Their greatest fear is the American people will never vote Republican again. they need to train with Yoda some more, these crackpots are too exposed to the darkside, and soon to be Empiror Palpitine, who's now going by the name Ted Cruz is bent on destroying the republic. Looking back to a week or two back, did we not just have a slaughter of younglings? When the Teahadists voted to cut the SNAP programme, this action targets the 21.8% of American children living in poverty. The head of Panera tried eat from US$4.50/day, it made him "listless and grumpy". We also know, that the physiology of the juvenile brain is such that, hungry kids don't learn well.

Rachel Maddow took a look this issue hours before the shutdown took effect.
Ultimately, Republicans have Obama exactly where he should want them for the 2014 mid-term congressional races according to Quinnipiac University...
As Abraham Lincoln said, the Bible is not my book, nor Christianity my profession. But for those that are here is a clue that maybe your God does not side with the party.
Sounds to me like this character wants to kick their asses. Pity that, like Star wars, it is fiction. I'm greatful that reality rarely as bad for the average 1st world punter as it is in such melodrama. The  GOP of course should be especially greatful, I guess.
Greek thinker Seneca said "Religion is seen by the masses as true, by the wise as false, and by the powerful as useful." Which is likely why GOP Representatives were busy quoting some of the worst parts of the bible, while preparing to vote to take food from hungry children and seniors.  Keep an eye on dog food stock prices.

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Monday, 30 September 2013

The cheapest source of money ever

This documentary offers important insights into the nature of what make economies healthy.  So pull-up a comfy chair, get the popcorn out of the microwave and settle in to find out about a revolutionary idea that is growing. It is being accepted as policy by political parties around the world and has been implemented in North Dakota for 70 years and Bristol(UK) more recently.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The 1% so grasping they take from themselves

First some good news, Californians to get living wage - eventually.

Jimmy is referring to this video when he mentions "the banned TED Talk".

Friday, 27 September 2013

When a random oil executive, or an ill-informed friend quotes the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change(NIPCC - a project of the shill group Heritage Foundation) to say carbon fuel emissions are no worse than nature, technically this is correct. However what they are not saying is that while they intend to burn 2 teratonnes of fossil carbon, we have already seen what 2 teratonnes of carbon in the atmosphere can do.

The last time 2 teratonnes of carbon belched into the air, it was released by an extended period of volcanic activity in Siberia. Over 10,000 years 90-95% of species died. That's high order predators like us, sea life, and plant life. Sea temperatures rose, oceanic oxygen levels fell and we are already observing these. That event is now known as the Permian Extinction, and it looks like big Carbon are dead keen to release PE2: (Permian Extinction 2) - The Triumph of Planned Obsolescence, this time it is commercial!

We've already seen bread basket crops fail in the US from droughts. Floods around the world. Oceanic oxygen levels have started to fall, this will mean smaller fish. Oceanic waters are 30% more acidic. 700 million people will be affected by the loss of water supplied from the Himalaya's glacier region.

So yeah our carbon pollution is no worse than nature, which means we are just as capable as nature is when it comes to causing our own extinction. But it takes a person with sociopathic, psychopathic or antisocial personality disorder to try it make it happen or try to profit from making it happen.

Politicians don't agree on very much, so getting 95% certainty anything means it as obvious as a polar bear raiding your fridge and interrupting your dinner to let you your out of seal fillets.

Jimmy's thinking is off here, prepare and work to mitigate, stop with the carbon now and maybe Earth will let us live. If we don't work to control our behaviour she's already has a plan to solve the problem without us. And the Earth will be with out us, no more NFL, AFL, NBA, and certainly no Jersey Shore reruns.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Carbon addiction, extinction, poison, totallitarianism...

The science is irrefutable, we have to change, we have to stop our hyper accelerated atmospheric carbon dumping.

Well, the long term picture is bleak enough, but something horrific is immediately before us.

The musling of the Canadian public sector science community and persecutorial auditing of environmental group is unacceptable in a liberal democracy. If tar sands are so good why doesn't Harper drink them?

But there is hope, Canadian's are standing up and environmental groups phones wont stop ringing because people are calling to find ways to resist, so far they have caused costly delays essential to making corporations lose interest in bad projects.
Last week over 100 people turned out the protest an international oil summit in Wellington, New Zealand, and two days ago about 15 people protested the Russian coast Guard's piracy of a Greenpeace vessel  in the Arctic.
There are signs in other places that some people, and even governments get it. India is developing enough solar energy that it's rapidly becoming competitive with coal. Clean energy investment is now larger than carbon energy investment, and divestment in fossil fuel is growing rapidly. Comments by President Obama appear increasingly like he's moving to veto Keystone XL, which will be just as for the Solar powered barn that has been on KXL's path. Dinosaurs never saw extinction coming, even though they tried to resist, it took them out anyway, so shall go the way of big oil, coal and gas.

The fossil fuel industries quest for carbon is as mad as an astronauts quest for freedom would be if it involved stepping through an air lock naked. But it's worse than that, he's rigged the safeties with the inner door jammed open and he's cranking the manual lock on the outer door. For those that need it spelt it out, this will vent the atmosphere of the station and kill the entire crew just like disrupting the dynamics of the climate will kill civilization. Either we stop these guys or we wave at each other from roof tops and floating refrigerators.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Big money, Big Carbon, piranha and chum.

It may seem like a stretch to say Big Money – banks, speculators would have such an adversarial relationship with big carbon – oil, coal gas as would be observed with piranha and livestock in blood filled water, but recent incidents have led me to think this may become a more accurate characterization as time goes by.

While neoliberal governments may not “pick winners” big money definitely does. Already investment in renewable energy exceeds investment in drilling mining and fracking.

Over the last couple of years the divestment movement has been picking up steam. With major church groups, and universities opting to divest from big carbon. This will depress the stock price of these industries. Most recently in New Zealand earlier this month the Synod of the Auckland Anglican Diocese voted to declare big Carbon an “industry of sin”and over the next two years will be routing carbon out of their investment port-folio. This decision came partly on the back of opinion in the Lancet that climate change will have the biggest effect on human welfare of anything seen before, but also with the business that big carbon is no longer the good investment it once was. Following on from that decision, the Catholic church of Auckland announced that it will be examining the issue at it's next Synod in 2014. Given the Pope's stated position this does not look good for carbon industry stock prices.

Fracking extraction companies have been very busy, annoying unprecedented groups of people with the range of damage done to farms, water tables and human health. But also producing such an over supply of gas there is now a glut, and stock prices for gas companies have tanked.

The international price for coal has sunk to around $1/tonne. The effect has been that coal mines have become uneconomic, causing them to shut down. In New Zealand we have the example of Solid Energy. It was so bad that even though our government has a huge hard-on for extraction industries, not even they could pump life back into west coast mining operations near Greymouth.

So the chum is in the water for big carbon, let's see how the big money piranha are responding. During the last Bush administration a system of credits was introduced to encourage the addition of ethanol to America's fuel supply. The credits are given to companies adding ethanol to fuel. These credits can be traded and the intent was that companies not dealing with ethanol could at least encourage those that do by buying these credits. But last year speculators cornered the market for these credits, then offered them back to oil companies at hugely inflated prices.

So now the big money piranha are taking chunks out of their old cash cow. As demand for carbon fuels is falling, as renewable and clean energy technology is romping onto the global stage, it appears the striped hook has caught Big Carbon by the neck and is dragging their musical fart act off the Earth's Got Talent stage.

But in terms of the relationship between big money and big carbon, the only question is will these piranha leave bones.

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The biggest fraud in two centuries

The Secret of Oz

Author L Robert Baum author of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, wasn't simply penning an entertaining children's story, he also authored a political allegory to highlight the biggest scam perpetrated upon the American nation.
The characters of the book were representations of political forces and players involved. Dorothy's shoes in the original story were silver, but were change to ruby in he movie to take advantage of the new Technicolor process, but the change also lost much of the symbolism of Baum's work. The brainless scarecrow represented the American farmers, who without college degrees understood the basics of economics. The tin woodsman represented the American worker who has been dumped into unemployment because of a lack of capital in industry. The cowardly lion represented William Jennings Bryan who railed against perpetrators of the biggest fraud ever seen but after two failed presidential runs withdrew from the movement that was trying to reign in the den of vipers.
The phrase “den of vipers” may seem strong, hardly even presidential. However it was the language of President Andrew Jackson, before one of the vipers assassinated him. But may not have been the only time this den of vipers struck at the power of the people to undo their ruse. Abraham Lincoln created the Greenback to return prosperity to the economy for which he as paid back with assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth.
The great fraud lies in the notion that private banks are the best institutions to control the money supply. This despite the “business cycle” tanking economies and destroying lives. How do they consider regular working people? Their language should tell us something, “inferior social strata”, so perhaps like a child looking down on ants and pointing the focal point of a magnifying glass in the sun at them.
You can no more borrow your way out of debt than can governments. Yet to “save” the “too big to fail” banks the US Government borrowed nearly one trillion dollars to give back to the same banks to “prevent collapse”. Indeed, while Republican scoffed at the idea of minting a trillion dollar coin to avoid the sequester, it may actually be the best way out of the untenable position of the rocky need for monetary injection in to the US economy and the hard place of having to pay back with interest any money borrowed from banksters.
The most pervasive part of the fraud is that government cannot be allowed to control the money supply, and yet history is replete with examples of governments successfully managing the money supply. To perpetrate this fraud there is the knee jerk reaction “governments can't print money because that would drive inflation.” And yet every few years the banks triple the money supply through mortgages and other lending.
North Dakota has a bank that is a bit different, it offers low interest loans, backed dollar for dollar by monetary reserves it actually holds. This bank has contributed hugely to the stability and prosperity of the state. And they've been doing this for over 90 years.

Ron Paul is a shill

Ron Paul's calls for a return to the gold standard simply plays into the agenda of the banksters, The gold standard, is simply a means to controlling the money supply favour by the banksters. It is a mechanism that has been used to promote the wealth of the money lenders / banksters and in the process has destroyed governments and civilisations.
It gets worse, it has been reveal that the libertarian movement was started by business interests as a pro-business fake grass roots movement in the 1970's and David Koch even ran as a presidential candidate on the libertarian ticket in 1979.

There has to be a better way.

Well yes there is. Nationalising reserve banks and keeping control of the money supply at arms length from politics and private banking interests in order to provide a moderated supply of money allowing for economic grow to a level of prosperity. At the same time requiring banks to have the assets to back the loans it issues.
Managing the transition is important, the first thing governments can do is create money to pay off the debts it owes. As they do this over time they increase the required level assets backing lending. Thus, you and I would not notice very much in banks operates towards us. But we would over time notice that business were hiring, new business were starting up and hiring, our pay checks would grow, poverty would shrink, to levels not seen in forty years.
The fact is no government is really in danger of running out of money. All they have to do to get out of banksters cuffs is grease them with cash they create. The very definition of sovereign goes back to the notional of governmental authority to control the money supply. In this sense the governments of the United States is no longer a sovereign state it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

It has been done before.

I've already mentioned the Greenback, there are many other examples including tally sticks created by an English king to Scrip created in collonial America. In New Zealand, during the 1930's the 1st Labour government created the state house building programme, this program was funded by debt free money created by the government. The injection of money into the economy led to a great period of prosperity not seen since.
I can almost hear the off key whine buy tories/GOP pudits say “but they failed”. Technically they are correct, but these things did not fail before they met and unnatural sticky end. Successive National governments watered down the state house build programme and reverted to bankster borrowing and whinged about how it was so expensive, and eventually started selling off the state house stock. Government issued currency in the US got killed along with two of its presidents.
In Adams Smith's time, their was a quaint way dealing with speculators, the had them executed. Smith himself had little time for banksters, writings make it clear that banks must be strongly regulated.
“Though the principles of the banking trade may appear somewhat abstruse, the practice is capable of being reduced to strict rules. To depart upon any occasion from those rules, in consequence of some flattering speculation of extraordinary gain, is almost always extremely dangerous and frequently fatal to the banking company which attempts it.” - Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, PART III. Of the Expense of public Works and public Institutions, ARTICLE I.—Of the public Works and Institutions for facilitating the Commerce of the Society.

When banksters and their shills say such method failed, what they really mean is these methods didn't create the socio-economic separation they feel they need to feel superior to everyone else. Or the point to economic collapses started by policy changes friendly to their interests, such as recalling the Greenback or repealing Glass-Stiegal, they never blame these collapses on these changes of course. They even call the 2008 collapse “natural” but indeed there is nothing natural about it. A steady supply of money from government would ensure a steady economy, indeed economies are struggling today under austerity precisely because money is being vacuumed out of economies through taxes to pay back loans that governments can never pay in a system where money only comes from borrowing from the lenders they are paying.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Darkness descends on Wellington

Last night a weather that dropped snow on Otago and Southland moved and soaked Wellington with cold driving rain.  This morning, temperatures were around 7 deg C, there was a 9 metre swell and wind gusts of 122km/h. In literature, and movies this is not a good sign. indeed the ascension of Narnia's ice-queen might well be heralded similar weather. But the ice-queen is fiction, however the agents of darkness visiting Wellington are far from products of a creative imagination.

Following on the theme, it seemed sensible to say with a smile "With crap weather like this, there must be Anadarko executives in town." While shopping, few a people responded well to this comment, it seems Wellingtonians are well informed on the issues surrounding deep ocean drilling, Deep-Water Horizon.

Later this month Anadarko expects to start drilling in the Pegasus basin some 40Km from the southern cost of Wellington/Wairarapa. This week Anadarko executes will be having a summit with government officials in preparing for drilling.  Or is it for delivery of the final instalments on the bribes to John Key. Who can really be sure?

Much as the chill in today's weather was uncomfortable it not as uncomfortable as silence that will be created if changes to Resource Management Act are inacted to make drilling non-notifiable.  Protestors today visited parliament with noise makers and wearing tape over their mouths. The tape symbolized the silence of the public that will be created the amendments that the government is aiming to pass.

While some point to the far future and the effects on climate, there are far more immediate concerns. Exploration is the dangerous phase of extraction, indeed Deep-water Horizon was an exploratory well when it blew out. In short, when sit down to home made fish pie, fish fingers or terakihi fillet, it would be rather desirable for it to not taste like shit. If you have got a whiff of crude oil, you know that is what smells like, and will taste like. Better than that I'm pretty firm on the idea that collapsing and having seizures as a result of eating contaminated sea food is really something I'd rather avoid. Sadly, many American's have not been so fortunate. Lessions have appeared on gulf sea life, and in the people that have consumed it. Some lessions appearing in brain tissue causing seizures after swimming in gulf water.

We don't need this here.

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