Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oh My FSM.

Recent events in America, have left his Noodliness quite queezy. As scientists have determined that the universe may  be torn apart in about 22 billion years we should look to see why His Noodliness' courageous efforts to keep the universe together are failing, over and above his usual drunken state.
Given his allergies to various forms of hate mongering bullshit, the right wing evangelical freak out seems to have been particularly ill conceived.
From Rick Scarborough's "I would be willing to burn if the supreme court affirms gay marriage." to Bryan Fischer drawing on Pearl Harbour, 9/11 and slavery in his criticism of the decision to adhere to the 14th amendment - granting equal protection under the law - and grant marriage equality. This is not to ignore the long line of preachers and political figures gushing absurd hyperbole over the shift in public opinion and the application of constitutional principle smoothing their ignorance like a hefty-bag full of itching powder.
While some argued for civil unions, separate but equal, we should all know from historical experience, that such arrangements are never equal.
Disturbingly, American evangelicals frustrated that their countrymen and women are flipping off their haughty theocratic nonsense, are grabbing their passport and travelling in search new mission fields of unwary credulous ignoramuses.
Ignorance is not a crime, but is amazing, the crimes that ignorant can perform it suitable misguided by sexually repressed buffoons determined to spread their brand of buffoonery for the will of Cthulhu.
Apparently the new terribly evil way to persecute Christians in America is to ignore them. If only Pol Pot had thought of that. Bill Maher's segment skewers the Christian persecution complex quite nicely.

At the time of writing, the American President, Barack Obama, has been visiting East African Nations to talk jobs and security. At the same time these nations have also contracted that most terrible of Western diseases, conservative Evangelical Christianity - symptoms include random acts of violence against gender minorities, witch persecution, and general public preoccupation with private morality.
President Obama, noted that once a government gets comfortable with punishing citizens for simply being "different" it can become an expansive and difficult habit to break. Sadly The Kenyan Prime Minister's response was essentially "we got bigger problems to worry about". Which begs the question what can be bigger than locking some thousands of people for up to 14 years for existing?
Even in developed nations, a huge struggle to release people with medical dependency in to the care of the health system meets strong opposition from the DEA, and New Zealand's own Peter Dunne(who's conflict of interest is as clear as the fresh new photos of Pluto) just as America has struggles with a prison population that has exploded with policies that have incarcerated non-violent drug offenders.
Meanwhile back to Kenya, Uru Kenrada's comment's are in themselves nonsensical. Rendered thus it becomes clear "We go big problem's, weak GDP, hungry people, but we must spend a bunch of public resources imprisoning essentially harmless people, because we got more important things to deal with first."

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