Monday, 15 July 2013

Zimmerman Acquited

Well the news of the jury verdict is out, George Zimmerman has been acquitted of being Hispanic. Defence counsel were celebrating the victory saying just examine is name he's clearly a European Jew. Media commentators observers and the prosecution claimed the 29 year old Florida man has DNA, complexion, and skeletal features that are clearly the stamp of his Hispanic ethnic origin.

Observers of the case say the prosecution started strong saying "Just look at him, if you knew nothing else about him, you'd swear he came to Florida on a speed boat with half a tonne of cocaine." But later Jury experts say the jury got confused after a prosecution expert witness testified to being a scientist and appeared to be considering convicting the witness but did know what for as the witness was of Caucasian descent, and as one juror put it "those people never do anything wrong, except that one time in Boston."

Many protests have happened through out America, and despite predictions by rightwing commentators like Rush Limbaugh, most protests have been peaceful. The President has called for calm which seems at odd with Limbaugh's assertions that an acquittal would see the announcement of a final solution to rid America of the scourge of white people running Wall Street and stealing homes from working Americans like Homer Simpson who once became so obese he had to work from home and collect disability but eventually had to leave the grunt work to a bobbing bird toy.

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