Monday, 15 July 2013

Who is Leah Remini?

Someone is preparing to give their answer to this question, so be prepared to see the content of Leah Remini's auditing folder, knowledge reports, and perhaps some fictions the Church of Scientology is about to make. Even though they have denied connection to the registration of internet domain name

It looks like Leah may be fair gamed. And it is not the first time they have gone after an A-lister. Lisa Marie Presley referred to "intel" and "covert ops" after she moved to her country house to get away from them.

While Kirsty Ally credits Reading Dianetics with helping her break her cocaine addiction, Perhaps it is more valuable to consider the power of her own mind to allow her to change her behaviour, to seek help, and supportive community. Naturally almost any support and community supporting addicts to change their behaviour will be some what effective. But Kirsty's story is merely anecdotal. and says little about the value of Dianetics or Scientology.

Clearly, the story of Lisa McPherson, speaks clearly of the dangers of the operations of Scientology known as Narconon.  The medical examiner described her case as the worst case of dehydration that he had ever seen. before being bulied into list her cause of death as accidental.

The behaviour of the "Church" is typical of failing cults.  Having a membership of perhaps 25,000 or lower, down from 55,000 in 2001, a recent seminar to which all members are expected to attend only had 10,000 participants, after spending $400,000 in marketing for the event. Many who have left the cult still call them selves Scientologists. Contrast that with Anonymous organizing anti-Scientology protests with 10,000 participants, while spending $0 on marketing.

Only 7% of Americans consider Scientology a religion. Which is encouraging.

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