Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Treat 'em mean keep 'em keen

Democracy abused & bleeding out
The title of today's post is an axiom sometimes used by wife abusing thugs. And in that context it's no less odious that as an axiom of the observed political tactics employed by Tea-Party Republicans in issues of concern to women, minorities and people on low income.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed budget legislation with last minute attached provisions designed to make living more precarious in the state than it already is.

The first part of this attack is a raise in sales taxes, this hurts to poor and middle incomers because it literally takes food from their mouths. While the wealthy might have to wait a month longer to save up for that Lamborghini they just have to have, except for the tax break the has just been given to them in the same budget bill.

The second part, and this may be unconstitutional but it certainly breaches the safety principle for abortive procedure, women having complications from abortion procedure are barred from using public hospitals, and must use private hospitals.  I see this going one of two ways, most of the women will be uninsured, so private hospitals may refuse to help her while pointing the finger at each other private hospitals refusing to take care of her until after she is found having bled to death in the street. Or they will treat her, and complete her treatment by administering a life time of debt.

Also in SB 59 funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, that will see three of the Planned Parenthood clinics close losing access mammograms and other health services. And cutting funding to rape crisis centres mentioning abortion as an option.

Seems to be, if this is the direction they are headed, Ohio needs legislation banning men with persistent erections from using public hospitals. This sometimes happens when Viagra is over used or as an adverse reation. If not treated they can be left impudent. We could go with biblical law, which they seem to be fond of anyway, and introduce new law making male masturbation a capital offence, North Dakota seems to be moving in that direction anyway.

With the suppressed anterior cingulate cortex activity associated with regular prayer, however, the point may be lost on them.

This legislation was rammed through under urgency, a sure sign someone is getting ripped off and they don't want any debate to reveal the fast-one being pulled on the people.  There has run of right wing politicians pushing legislation to appeal to their base to get themselves re-elected at the cost of civil rights and liberties. The problem is the they over estimate how conservative the electorate is by 20% for conservatives.

A special message from C-PANL.
For many of our right wing politicians it seems any thing they can do to punish the poor, women ... well anyone who is not an ageing white male, the better, so please. The these people in need they are desperate, they need your help, so if have any spare whips, chains, pipe wrenches, knuckle dusters, nailed baseball-bats, iron-maidens, stocks, french-guillotines, fire ants, iron-masks, maces, mace, pepper-spray or pikes, please send them to Governor John Kasich, Riffe Center, 30th Floor, 77 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43215-6117. We thank you for your generosity in this time of need as these senators truly struggle to understand the suffering and the plight of not only the poor but even the middle class. So please help them understand, by sending the a fore-mentioned educational materials, for they are so very desperately in need of understanding.

Authorized by Compassion for Psychopathic And Narcissistic Legislators. Our mission, to give back what is received.
The main way they hold power now is gerrymandering. With the Voting Rights Act pre-clearance provisions being struck down by the supreme court last week, three states have already moved to disenfranchise voters more likely to vote Democrat. Typically provisions make voting more difficult for the poor, the elderly, youth voters, and ethnic minority voters.

What is surprising to me is the restraint being exercised. Democracy is under attack world wide, not just by those who think totalitarian authority is superior especially when driven by savage authored ancient text, but also by those who swear to uphold  and a are charge with upholding constitution democracy while their close friends, the anarcho-capitalists(Ancaps) egg them on. Anarcho-capitalists see democracy as a by product of capitalism. Ohio's budget reflects the Ancaps' agenda. While the sales tax was raise 50c on the dollar, the budget create tax breaks for the wealthy. People should be angry. Egypt should be an example. Most especially in the behaviour of the police, who realising they are Egyptians too, have refuse to act as the Morsi led government's storm troopers in the manner that was applied to OWS.

The problem is American police forces have been receiving hand-me-down military equipment tools of oppression. These are the wrong tools for solving the huge problems being visited upon societies subjected to neo-liberal economics. At what point will officers turn around to face their masters and defend the people from the crooks in charge.

Whatever happened to the land of the free?

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