Friday, 26 July 2013

The US fight-back begins

Had enough of this yet?
Slave wages hurt us all, as most spectacularly illustrated in Detroit, where the auto industry was saved in the 2009 bailout by reducing new-employee wages to 14-16/hour reducing the city's tax take and increasing demands on welfare programs thus driving it into bankruptcy.

The auto-industry is not the worst for low-wages, the fast food and big box retailers like McDonalds and Walmart pay so little (about $9/hour) that employees need state and federal support just to survive.

To make matters worse House Republicans passed the agriculture bill with industry concessions and dropped the SNAP provisions because what they wanted was so tight fisted they couldn't get through negotiations before expiration on existing legislation started to cost the producer industries money.

Surely someone must see, how this pattern of greedy behaviour is hurting America and the American Dream? Well, yes. And they are starting to push back and demand a rise in the federal minimum wage to $10/hour. This and a cost of living adjustment is supported by 80% of Americans.

If you are an American, contact your congressman and let them know that you support this too. They will move to make this happen quickly if they have to spend time taking your calls on this issue, rather than using their time to call donors for campaign donations.

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