Tuesday, 16 July 2013

GE can do good - sometimes.

Today on my facebook feed was a story for ThinkProgress about GE's new extra efficient wind turbines. These new turbines have new features putting them a big leap ahead of their competition. They can provide output that better matches demand, in part because they have batteries which allow responsive output that can participate in frequency regulation. This ability means that energy delivered by these turbines is twice as valuable in the electricity market as that produced by gas or coal fired plants or even other wind turbines.
When GE get busy in their core business they certainly can do wonderful stuff, for which they should be applauded. Notice the small black spot above the generator housing, that's an engineer - these things are massive!

But another arm of the GE empire still leaves a sour taste. GE Money's business practises leave something to be desired, causing some to accuse GE Money of predatory leading and dishonest advertising practises.

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