Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fed court: Idaho Perverts loose right to privacy b/c the constitution.

Daisy D Heffer, seeks justice after "humiliating"
rape on floor of company that promised to
"get a good price" for her.
Perverts  that get a kick out of punching, kicking, raping and stabbing animals to add spice to their day jobs in the Idaho agricultural industry can now look forward to their antics becoming the chosen spectator sport of animal rights groups, consumer groups, civil liberties groups, state and federal courts.
Media experts say this will open up a whole new field in reality entertainment in which  audiences can decide the fates of abusive psychopaths, and amoral sociopaths who profit from flooding the food supply chain with salmonella, listeria, Clostridium botulinum, and rotavirus.

Meanwhile the agricultural industry is drawing on pop culture to make its legal arguments. Citing stories of
waring tribes using crop destruction in order to starve out their enemy. Being the sort to dot the i's and cross the t's they of course use the obligatory explicit reference to "terrorism" because telling everyone about the crazy perverted and dangerous shit you do is exactly the same as throwing fire bombs into a sleeping baby's bedroom.

However Judge
B Lynn Winmill was not having it, Clearly not a fan of 300, he decided to go with more creative argument centring on free expression and the first amendment of the US Constitution. Particularly, he highlighted, that enforced silence is no answer to the problems raised by covert video of industry members shagging cattle, these problems should be address by more speech, meaning the industry should explain why bestiality isn't really a problem, even though Daisy was unable to give consent.

Daisy is hoping to tell her story on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, in an episode to air sometime in September. It is understood her lawyers are "exploring options" with a view to filing criminal rape charges against staff in an Idaho industrial Meat packing facility.  They admit the case is complicated by the development that Daisy has become and assortment of Rib-eye Steaks, Schnitzel, burger patties, soup bones, Leg roasts, stewing steaks, and several varieties of pet food and chicken feed.

Naturally, animal rights and consumer advocates are hailing the decision saying "we can do better for the animals in our supply chain, this
clears the way for them to get their own entertainment and literary agents." and "This is a win for the consumer, we all have the right to know what is and who has been in our food".

Political Analysts have noted that the Ag-gag law only got as far as it did, because money is speech, corporations are people and documenting miscreant behaviour of incorporated people is an offence to the almighty dollar and the plutocracy for which it stands - a privilege reserved only for people conceived in the blessed womb of legal fiction and nursed on the milk of oligarchy.

Captain Jack Noodle of Pastafarian Pirates of the Pacific, noted "Aye, Ship's quatermasters keep a close eye the rations, and this be good for ensuring ship shape supplies. But it begs the question, How do Bryan Fischer - American Family Association[Youtube] and James David Manning - Atlah Church, New York [Youtube] continue to remain oblivious to this issue, even though they spend quite a lot of energy on perversion related matters - especially sexual perversions?"

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