Monday, 16 February 2015

Something is rotten in the disunited states of America

Grab the popcorn, the sugar free soda, buckle up, this will be a ride Stephen King never wrote - he hasn't got the imagination for this kind of horror.
A little while ago I saw this little bit on the the history of American foreign policy, often appauling it includes chainsaws, I kid you not.

But then, My facebook feed pointed me to the 1933 plot to take over the White House leading FDR to declare "I welcome their hatred". No one was ever prosecuted, But FDR, bargained them down to accepting the New Deal, and by them I mean executives of major corporates including Colgate, GM, General Foods, and GW's grand-daddy - Prescott Bush.

The BBC4 documented this plot.(Audio only)

Here is a US produced documentary of the incident.

This leads me to this documentary mostly drawn from hard news reports but includes segments from far right pontificators, Sheds light on a disturbing history of terrorist incidents in the US and the proliferation of ideas that drive it.

Fascism never disappeared. It just laid low, until it could get control and freedom for corporate press. The Powell Memo foreshadowed this, advocating that business interests seek political involvement beyond their direct interests, become more vociferous in the media for their interest. Few years later the SCOTUS delivered Buckley v Valeo declaring money is speech. In 2010 Citizens United declared corporation are people - which is against the documented intent of the framers of the constitution who would have said Corporations legal fictions and property, and accountable to the community before their bottom lines.

America has within it very dangerous elements, and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck et al fan the flames of hate and barbarity, scaring the crap out of anyone who will listen long enough. And for what? the peace of mind of a few out of touch over indulged cry baby billionaires who have already too good for too long. Even the G20 has officially said income inequality is hurting economic growth. So at this point it can't be just to keep thing running, or even for there own good. Noises are coming out of the financial sector of another crash in the near future.

While WW II was haled as a war against fascism, it seems the world for all the noise and horrific spectacle only dealt with one arm of this angry beast and sidestepped having to deal with the rest of it. So now this generation is face with a broader more coordinated attack, through trade agreement, a surveillance industrial complex, endless wars. There are strong voices against this tyranny, but to make the song of freedom they need the the chorus of the informed public and the gusto of the angry citizen behind them to fix this mess.

I usually defend myself from the horror of this insanity with fiction that it is like a circus, or a poe. It is not working today. I need me some crazy Bryan Fischer.

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