Saturday, 12 July 2014

Is the GOP really concerned for the welfare of South America children or just racist?

While GOP politicians argue over what to do about a flood of mostly child refugees from South America as three nations are beset by genocidal insurgency, the quest is what is really going on here, and Why do they fiddle while Rome burns?

Nimby, perhaps, Texas GOP reps shipped a bunch of kids to California by bus. So That's plausable.

Racist, well ever since the dixie-crats jumped ship to the GOP this has always been in play.

Louie Gohmert likened the US's southern border to an unfenced swimming pool, while trying to demand the securing of the border. Unwittingly, in so doing he admits America is too dangerous for children.

Israel secured it's border, now how is that working out. By broad measure it is with the majority of Palestinians unwilling to accept a two state solution. the recent flare up, with the most spectacular horrors coming from the over use of military tools in what is essentially a social ans political problem.

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