Monday, 9 December 2013

The Brick

A friend described my blog as "almost poetic" in it's criticism of right wing politics. I figure why almost, lets go full on poetic.

So, this morning enchanted with the idea of  how we are all connected through economy, and how too many of us struggle for basic needs while a few sit in arrogant judgement of "poor choices" "free loaders" and "welfare queens". I found something that clearly shows another way of thinking. Thomas Paine observed that Native Americans did not know poverty until the Europeans turned up. But more importantly economics does not judge, nor does the brick.
The brick was made to build a civilization.
It lays by it's fellows and together they hold strong,
supporting each other for the defence of what lies within,
bravely standing against wind and the rain,
having no concern for profit or how much money it will have at the end of the day.

They do not look down on each other.
They don't libel unemployed bricks as drug addicts or lazy.
A brick does not scheme to exploit lower bricks.
High bricks only reach their giddy heights by the support of lower bricks
High brick do not judge low bricks.

Can we build our society like bricks, we we do not judge each other,
where we raise each other up instead of tearing each other down.
Can we learn to share our wealth?
can we understand that giving away riches allow them to return multiplied?
People were made to build a society. Just as the brick was made to build a civilisation.
Shall we come together like bricks and build a structure to weather the elements?

Discarded bricks make break, they may build a new piled structure,
and again they will support each other.
They may move, and give each other room,
and they may smash down an old order and create a new.
The more discarded bricks there are, the greater the peril and the need to change.
No popular movement has ever failed once 3.5% of the population support it. Get informed, get out there, get active. Save capitalism and democracy from the fascists.
While I am a progressive, I'm mainly a pragmatist, capitalism is a useful tool in economics, but pure capitalism is a nightmarish  horror show that make Resident Evil pale in comparison, and we can the failures of more ideologically driven capitalism in many advanced economies. If governments do not account for the social well being of it citizens, they doom themselves to replacement by revolution at the polling booth or other means.

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