Thursday, 19 December 2013

Big Russian Bear just playing?

OK, so earlier this year 30 peaceful Greenpeace activists were arrested by shot firing, knife wielding security forces, charged with piracy, and were locked up for months while the court determined that the piracy charges were bogus, and new charges were laid for hooliganism, which lacking any element of hate would also be determined to be bogus, as the Russian Supreme Court has already ruled in the case of Pussy Riot.

There is only one hitch, the court may not get to make that determination, because the Arctic 30 have been included in an amnesty bill along with Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot may be home for Pastamas. Arctic 30 given the limitations of travel arrangements made be home for New Year.

So this is good news His Noodliness has tugged on the Russians to remind them of his complex carbohydrate goodness and that he values being nice to people who disagree with them.

It's not like the arctic 30 or pussy riot need amnesty, they did not break any laws. The Amnesty gambit is like an excise in saving face, after all it is one to be a fool before the Flying Spaghetti Monster (sauce be upon him), quite another to be misanthropic for the FSM really doesn't like that, it hurts his beer buzz. None the less, they have earned a place at the beer volcano, today.

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