Saturday, 30 November 2013

More money for fat assed public sector bosses?

New Zealand: Public sector bosses earning NZ$600k have been tipped to dig even deeper into the public purse.

I'm sorry guys you are working for a government that more than doubled government debt in just 5years, thus allowing banksters to main line off the the tax payer, and now you tell me you want your cut too?! Um yeah, get back to me after you have lost 17kg because you can't afford enough food to eat.

While you are asking for more, ask for some on behalf of those who struggle to put food on the table.

USA had a brilliant scheme, until the unchristian God bothering GOP killed it in Congress, which put food on tables and money in the hands of primary producers.  Called the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Programme, it put about NZ$7 worth of food per day with in reach of qualified beneficiaries, - working poor, unemployed, the elderly on low incomes.

It is a market idea not even our right wing can argue against, Except maybe Act or the conservatives - the closest things we have to a tea party. Those freaks would amputate their legs at the knees if they thought they could make a profit out of it.

As an example of what I mean here, to avoid discriminating against same sex couples in spousal benefits for National Guard Service a Oklahoma's Governor has cut all spousal benefits for National Guard Service in her state.

Nuts in our political greenhouse

Politicians can be the best argument for increased spending on mental health beds. Only partly on their insistence that such spending should be reduced. Recently the US has seen another tragedy, after a  man who was clearly unwell, was sent way from a mental health facility only because they did not have a bed for him days later he kills his family. New Zealand did have a similar incident.

Locally the push for old carbon energy is a loser. History is against it, the science is against an yet Gerry Brownlee considers anthropogenic climate change to be and "interesting proposition". That despite the science drawing a unanimous agreement from the IPCC - a political institutional that historically has struggled to get all of its members to acknowledge that climate change was even happening as factions influence by money and large commercial special interests lobbied them into making farcical claims of denial.

Colin Craig, our clown political pimp of buffoonary, Blames cosmic rays and sun spots, and can't rule out chem trails, seems to be happy to surround himself with those who've fallen for this barking mad hypothesis. Craig also seems to want Auckland's kids to start vege gardens in their high rise apartments, after suggesting that all children be taught how to grow their own vegetables.

That Craig surrounds himself with credulous idiots, is really nothing new. It's how America's Republican party works, they go to special interest groups like the pro-lifers and say "If you defend rights of microscopic goo, you might be a Republican" and to anti-gay group they say "If hate when gay people get the same right to marry and be as happy or miserable as you, then you might be a Republican." To fiscal conservative "If you hate paying to feed people in a low wage economy - you're definitely a Republican." And so we have the same behaviour here. Ultimately they don't really care about these issues, they only care for the votes pretending to care gets them, because the only thing they really care about is cutting a better deal for big top heavy business. Nature has a way of dealing with top heavy organism, remember the dinosaurs. They fell to climate change, economic environments change too, and there is an economic ice age coming. This is because the fundamentals have not changed since 2008. The Dodd-Frank act, the replacement for Glass-Steagall, has been passed but no appropriations bills have been passed to fund regulating the Banking industry. So the banksters, are ripping the system same as ever, and a new crash is coming, the only upside is reduced economic activity will hurt CO2 pollution. 2008 will be a cake walk by comparison.

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