Friday, 1 November 2013

Ken Cuccinelli's new War

Undeterred after Virginia's Supreme court struck down his anti sodomy law Ken Cuccinelli is stepping up his gubernatorial campaign with new "family values" plans. While speaking to a donor's meeting "there is genocide being practised in our universities!" He continued "It goes by various euphemisms, but perhaps the most prosaic is 'whackng off' because it tells of the dismissive attitude to the victims. College students are killing billions every night in the the dorm rooms of our state and across America. I propose to put an end to it."  This is not just idle rhetoric of a man hoping to been in charge of a Southern state, Cuccinelli has a plan. " I propose that that once I'm elected governor of this great state I will build a task force drawing expertese from S.W.A.T, Specials forces and Navy Seals. They will storm dorm rooms fully equipped with the latest in army surplus equipment."

When a reported asked about the plan "Is this plan just more big government?". Cuccinelli responded "This is genocide in our community it must be stopped the bible says so, if we have to delay our anarchist Utopia, a few months it will be worth it."  An MSNBC reporter queried civil liberties  aspects of the plan. Cuccenelli's response was dismissive "I'm sick of ACLU types interfering in the implementation of biblical law in this country. My team is gathering a rock pile and we  shall be able to address that problem too. Where are also looking for people with good throwing arms."

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