Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thorazine: Why the GOP is Afraid of Obamacare

Many theories have been circulating as experts have been trying to determine what is driving congress to threaten the American nation with complete economic collapse over the push to ensure 40,000,000 Americans can get health care that they can afford, Even though insurers like the Affordable Care Act.

Some say it is because incumbents are afraid of being replace by more extreme candidates in primary run offs for the 2014 mid-term elections.

Others say it is because of paid political operatives who are trying to destroy the government while many argue over whether such operatives read Green Eggs and Ham or Eat Salads grown in the Rose Garden.

To hear Republicans talk of "Obamacare", with their wild and unfounded accusations of implantable microchips, death panels, calling the president the Anti Christ Muslim terrorist from Kenya lining up Americans for drone strikes, we must consider that the real reason Tea Party congressmen and congresswomen especially, are so vitriolically opposed to the President's flagship legislation is that it may force them to get help for their anti-social personality disorder, delusional schizophrenia, and paranoid psychosis.

The preceding does use some technical terms the reader may not find familiar Let's have alook at anti-social personality disorder. It has several features
  • Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. The ACA has been law for three years, the Koch brothers are running a campaign to encourage law breaking by propagandizing young healthy Americans to not sign up for health insurance under The ACA. Also house Republicans are sworn to protect and defend the constitution and the laws of the USA.
  • Deceitfulness Boehner says there are not enough votes to pass a clean CR yet several counts show at least the 217 declared votes ready to pass a clean continuing resolution.
  • Impulsivity Republicans have no economic plan, Trickle down economics is a fiction design to reverse Robin Hood the system.
  • Irritability and aggressiveness They still want to bomb Syria and Iran. Note also Iran's leader are described and fundamentalist Muslims funding terrorism and yet they are more willing to negotiate with President "Blackula" than the Tea Party.
  • Reckless disregard for the safety of themselves and others. They voted to gut the SNAP programme, in Colorado springs they gutted emergency services because they did not like taxes and needed federal help when wild fires hit. Poll numbers show the GOP is being slammed hard as Americans realize the shutdown is been forced by intransigent kooks on a mission from a belfry bat. While Cancer kids on drug trials are not getting treatment WIC recipients will be under nourished.
  • Consistent irresponsibilityConsistently they blame the president for every thing that is not wonderful, including the the steaming pile of national debt and unfinished wars, 1% failure rate of the clean energy in investment programme, the slow recovery (which is normal for a banking breakdown) that they obstructed by preventing infrastructure maintenance and development that would stimulate growth.
  • Lack of remorse They are actually happy to have brought the US government to it's knees, Michelle Bachman said she was "very excited".

As Michelle Bachman last weekend expressed joy that in her view the President was bringing about the end times she was glee filled secure in her certainty that she would finally see her invisible friend.

Congressman Yoho(that really is his real name), looked forward to defaulting on the national debt saying it would bring stability. It is worth noting that former President Ronald Reagan's condition has been very stable around three decades, but it is safe to say there is little hope for recovery in his case. In all seriousness, defaulting would have serious implications for American and international business concerns. Notice how Yoho, and his agreeable colleagues have not deferred to the wisdom of economists or their donor base in forming this opinion. There is some speculation as to what tools they used to arrive at their conclusion, reading tea leaves, rune stones, ouija-boards, chicken entrails, or long drunken conversations over spiced baby goat simmered in its mother's milk.

One study on the subject of conspiracy theories, showed 4% of republicans believe reptilians are trying to take over the government. the fact it reality is much worse, at least reptilians would be rational, but since the Reagan era cuts to mental services, consumers have to find new accommodation, some of them appear to have chosen the people's house.

The dreaded Obamacare not only makes it easier for Americans to access general medical services, but also gives them access to mental health services too. This means sedatives, antipsychotics, SSRIs, and many other tools of the pharmacopia would become available to them and with the right counselling  they would be encouraged to develop consciousness of their actions and empathy for others. Their fear perhaps lies, in the notion of potential guilt knowing how many and how much they have hurt people many of them Americans whom they swore to serve as representatives, but to whom they have said through their actions "I got Mine, Fuck you."

Don't be surprised when Louie Gohmert vows "We must be prepared stop the Muslim Brotherhood by any means necessary, and so we directing NORAD to target the Whitehouse. And we demand to see the aliens at Area-51."

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it one accepted by many modern and well governed countries around the world, it is this we don't vote for crazy people, at least not often. Sure it may be reasonable to not have a religious test for public office, though holding the position that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old may call into question a candidates analytical prowess. But how about psyche exam? Nothing fancy, let's just be sure as we can be that powerful nation don't leaders who are inclined to drive their nations into self destructive spirals of nationalism, race-baiting, persecution of minorities, foreign wars, and economic hari kari in the name of "The Creator".

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