Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Tea Party are killing their own base.

Farmers in the mid west are at the heart of the Tea Party base. Now a blizzard has blown through, yes it is autumn so this is early, so we can suspect climate change had a role here, though the Tea Party will reflexively deny it. Farmers are reported to have lost between 5 and 25% of their stock. Now, the Farm Bill expired on October 1st would help, but the Tea party blocked it. there are also a couple of agencies that could help, but the Tea Party shut them down.

They didn't just screw the pooch here, they shoved a weed-whacker up its ass.

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The thing is, while this is a tragedy for those farmers, and right now there is little certainty for them. Ultimately this may give them pause during next years mid-term elections, and one thing may be certain in there minds right now, some thing like "I'm never voting for a Tea Party candidate as long as I live." because where were the Tea Party's fine words when they lost their livelihoods.

The Tea Party have more great News, never before has the Republican party popularity sunk so low in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll. This ground breaking achievement could not have been possible without Ted Cruz misreading Green Eggs and Ham and guano psychotic Michelle Bachman gleefuly chatting about the government shut down and the "end times", and we can't neglect to mention Louie Gohmert's Muslim Brotherhood/Benghazi conspiracy theories. Tanking foodstamps, WIC, Military Survivor benefits, and meals on wheels have all led to the GOP becoming the most hated mainstream politcal organisation it has ever been. None of it would have happened with funding from the Koch Brothers, they created the Tea Party, they funded their super PACs, and they told them what strategy to pursue, they even came up with the shutdown strategy.

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