Monday, 14 October 2013

IMF: Romneys tax plan as out dated as his hair

We should have known after the congressional Research service panned Supply side economics. That the IMF might see sense, even though it has been in the past no friend to the poor, extracting debt recovery and interest from poor nations and requiring disastrous economic policy that further crushed the economic prospects of poor nations.

There has been a turn around in their thinking lately, with the admission that they made mistakes, mis-handling the economies of nations. And now they have finally seen what economists have been saying for decades before Ronald Reagan's voodoo economic strategy possessed the soulless minions and ideologues of the conservative right by appealing to the vanity and greed of the rich and those who imagined themselves to be temporarily embarrassed rich, A.K.A. the right's useful idiots.  Now those idiots calling themselves the Tea Party have taken over congress after funding by the rich, namely the Koch Brothers, there are others but this pair are the best documented.

The question remains, will hair styles be dragged back 30 years, or can we keep our emo, punk, and goth cuts. The IMF are with us on this. New haircuts excite and revive an economy.  Also,  Tabatha Coffee would not have to work so hard taking over salons otherwise destined to go under.

Mitt Romney really should have guessed while he was running for president his hair style was not winning over voters, and vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act wasn't helping either.

Paul Ryan is still pushing for his economic plan better known as the Romney Plan v1.0.1. while concessions, have meant the current presidency has overseen less spending than any presidency since Eisenhower. Though calls remain for further budget cuts.

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