Friday, 27 September 2013

When a random oil executive, or an ill-informed friend quotes the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change(NIPCC - a project of the shill group Heritage Foundation) to say carbon fuel emissions are no worse than nature, technically this is correct. However what they are not saying is that while they intend to burn 2 teratonnes of fossil carbon, we have already seen what 2 teratonnes of carbon in the atmosphere can do.

The last time 2 teratonnes of carbon belched into the air, it was released by an extended period of volcanic activity in Siberia. Over 10,000 years 90-95% of species died. That's high order predators like us, sea life, and plant life. Sea temperatures rose, oceanic oxygen levels fell and we are already observing these. That event is now known as the Permian Extinction, and it looks like big Carbon are dead keen to release PE2: (Permian Extinction 2) - The Triumph of Planned Obsolescence, this time it is commercial!

We've already seen bread basket crops fail in the US from droughts. Floods around the world. Oceanic oxygen levels have started to fall, this will mean smaller fish. Oceanic waters are 30% more acidic. 700 million people will be affected by the loss of water supplied from the Himalaya's glacier region.

So yeah our carbon pollution is no worse than nature, which means we are just as capable as nature is when it comes to causing our own extinction. But it takes a person with sociopathic, psychopathic or antisocial personality disorder to try it make it happen or try to profit from making it happen.

Politicians don't agree on very much, so getting 95% certainty anything means it as obvious as a polar bear raiding your fridge and interrupting your dinner to let you your out of seal fillets.

Jimmy's thinking is off here, prepare and work to mitigate, stop with the carbon now and maybe Earth will let us live. If we don't work to control our behaviour she's already has a plan to solve the problem without us. And the Earth will be with out us, no more NFL, AFL, NBA, and certainly no Jersey Shore reruns.

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