Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Carbon addiction, extinction, poison, totallitarianism...

The science is irrefutable, we have to change, we have to stop our hyper accelerated atmospheric carbon dumping.

Well, the long term picture is bleak enough, but something horrific is immediately before us.

The musling of the Canadian public sector science community and persecutorial auditing of environmental group is unacceptable in a liberal democracy. If tar sands are so good why doesn't Harper drink them?

But there is hope, Canadian's are standing up and environmental groups phones wont stop ringing because people are calling to find ways to resist, so far they have caused costly delays essential to making corporations lose interest in bad projects.
Last week over 100 people turned out the protest an international oil summit in Wellington, New Zealand, and two days ago about 15 people protested the Russian coast Guard's piracy of a Greenpeace vessel  in the Arctic.
There are signs in other places that some people, and even governments get it. India is developing enough solar energy that it's rapidly becoming competitive with coal. Clean energy investment is now larger than carbon energy investment, and divestment in fossil fuel is growing rapidly. Comments by President Obama appear increasingly like he's moving to veto Keystone XL, which will be just as for the Solar powered barn that has been on KXL's path. Dinosaurs never saw extinction coming, even though they tried to resist, it took them out anyway, so shall go the way of big oil, coal and gas.

The fossil fuel industries quest for carbon is as mad as an astronauts quest for freedom would be if it involved stepping through an air lock naked. But it's worse than that, he's rigged the safeties with the inner door jammed open and he's cranking the manual lock on the outer door. For those that need it spelt it out, this will vent the atmosphere of the station and kill the entire crew just like disrupting the dynamics of the climate will kill civilization. Either we stop these guys or we wave at each other from roof tops and floating refrigerators.

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