Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Boulder's genius power play.

Residents of Boulder, Colorado organised, petitioned and lobbied to create a local power authority. Their  plan, to develop generation from roof top solar to replace coal fired generators. Needless to say the reaction from incumbent mostly coal fired power companies was far from complementary. They out spent this grass root movement 5 to 1. Now that they lost fight against the creation of the municipal utility, they are flooding boulder with money to confuse the public and walk back this brilliant plan, to meet the energy needs of the city without  fuelling changes that will see crops fail and major coastal cities flooded.

If there is one large corporates must fear and loathe it would be and effective democracy. Because when the people make up their minds to move against them, there is nothing they can do to stop them. Which is why they put so much effort into propaganda or for lack of a better word - "bullshit".

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