Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Like an ant under a magnifying glass.

Last week 3rd Degree revealed that in the early 90s police were investigating a string of rape-assaults on Women in Auckland at the same time as Teina Pora, a car thief, was being prosecuted for the murder of Susan Burdett in 1992. The M.O. of the crime for which Pora was convicted fit a pattern in the string that continued long after his sentencing until the arrest 4 years later of Malcolm Rewa 1996.

This case has previously been shown to have deep flaws including payments to witnesses.  but also the defence were not notified that police were having DNA samples analyzed during the trial on a theory that would exonerate their client. Such a revelation would have led to an adjournment.

Yesterday Judith Collins vetoed an enquiry into Pora's conviction, even though six senior police officers with detailed knowledge of the case believe he is innocent of the crime for which he has been convicted. Judith likes her criminals guilty even if they are not she wants them to be guilty. Facts be damned.

Indeed, in another case, The David Bain case, Collin's rejected the independant review of the case and has decided to subject the report to judicial review. This is unheard of in our legal system. The report by retired Canadian Justice Binnie came back saying David Bain was on the balance of probabilities innocent and deserving of compensation, Inquisitor Judith had the report reviewed by a New Zealand judge who agrees with her that the report is "flawed". It seriously smells of judge shopping.

Pora's term of incarceration is now longer than the previous longest false conviction case at 20 years, making it 7 years longer than David Bain's incarceration.

Judith Collins seems to be every bit the rightwing zealot who is convinced of the accused's guilt the moment the charge sheet pops out of the deskjet. If she has any regrets it may be not being allowed to toy with prisoners like she has a giant magnifying glass on a bright sunny day.

This make her eminently unsuitable for the portfolio, but same is true for many of her National Party colleagues.

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