Friday, 2 August 2013

Ever wonder why conservatives like to blame child sexual abuse on gays?

Conservatives especially in the religious right bleat endlessly about how gays and lesbians are out "indoctrinate children into the gay lifestyle". Why would they do that? Ignorance? Self loathing? Xenophobia? Well all of these have been offered, and seem to explain much of it, but there is another reason that may have been overlooked.

Such liables levelled at the LGBT community may in fact simply be a hand waving distraction from the failed economic policies known as Reagonomics.

Children made vulnerable by family poverty, or even the religiously inspired bigotry against gender queer people puts kids on the street and into the care of those who would prostitute these kids out.

Indeed 40% of homeless youth (under 25 years old) are LGBT according to the Williams Institute.
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Much of the reason why conservatives panic over sexual predators is perhaps the knowledge that their religious beliefs and the dysfunctions of economic and social policy may well put many kids in the path of sexual predators.

The economic dysfunction comes as a direct result of the attack on the middle and working class in industrialized nations.  As corporations have sought to out source production from the cheaper labour markets of the third an second world nations forcing first world working class to compete with those markets while exposed to the relatively high cost of living in a first world economy or moving to a service industry which is often low wage. One notable exception is the finance industry which can still be high waged because this is the industry that is operating like a vacuum cleaner sucking money out of the rest of the economy.

There is a principle that we tend to create what we think about, so perhaps many conservatives are feeling guilty, especially those that have disowned their kids or a have a relationship "on the down low".

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