Thursday, 16 May 2013

The lunatics are running the asylum

It seems pressure on Women's rights in America is turning red states into pre-liberation Afghanistan.
Between the Republican National committee's unanimous reaffirmation of One Man/One woman marriage, and record provisions abridging women's right to safe, legal and rare abortions.

It seems Republics have just one message to the rest of us...

If Star Trek and history teaches us anything, it is that resistance is not futile.
Start with Buycott, and remove those companies that work against you civil and economic interests.
Stop voting for controlling psychopaths.
Support farmers' markets where possible.
Support and rolling jubilee.
Contact your representatives, and tell us them you have had enough of special interests groups pushing theocracy and plutocracy onto the land of the free.
and tell your friends, organize, there are too many of you and too few of them, If the American Dream has a future, it is upto the people to ensure it.

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