Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Some help people out of holes dug by others

I just had a cold call from a student, working with Refugee Trauma Recovery formerly known as Refugees as Survivors Trust. This Wellington based group works with those who's fortunes have brought them to New Zealand after experiences that wouldn't so much make your hair stand on end as they would rip it and a few lays of skin off with it. It is even possible that is the precise experience of some that RTR help, Many of them children.

RTR help children to over the trauma, and emotional imbalance that makes exposure to education ineffective.
Or put another way, if train A leave the at 10am and travels at 90km/h while train B leaves the station 11am and travels at 70km/h at what point do ... I give a F%$#, I can still see my family being hacked to death by Jun Ju-e militia, republican guards or who ever. Flash back from PTSD can happen at anytime for the traumatized. But psychology trauma is only part of what these refugees have to deal with, the physical damage often takes many procedures to repair. RTR helps them to get the help need.

These folk and their surviving families have serious issues and challenges ahead of them and they are far from lost causes, with the right help provided they become productive loyal New Zealanders.

The group helped a book launch yesterday, for "Walking with a fragile heart". A collection of poems and short stories by refugees. This is good and necessary work and it deserves support.

See the RTR website

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