Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scientific illteracy in the modern age

But first, A classic moment.

While we laugh, it sobering to come to understand the damage that some seek to inflict on the one enterprise that has brought mankind literally out of the dark ages and into an age of enlightenment. With superior, medical science, agricultural science, a deeper understanding of the universe through physical sciences. the deeper understand of ourselves through biological sciences, and the deepening of our understanding through information science.

Indeed there are those who seek to control science to fit religious and corporate agendas.
Environmental science is clearly making the argument and providing the evidence, that the carbon energy industries must be moth-balled if civilization is to continue into the 22nd Century. There most likely will be a 22nd century civilization, the only question is will it be one with major coastal floods, and mid western droughts or will be one with one where storms like Katrina or Sandy are long forgotten, and the grain belt isn't a desert?
The High Quality Research Act, is an attempt to knoble and politicize the scientific process. Previously noted has been it's provisions to cut peer reviewed and verification of results.

Just remember, some of your neighbours voted for these rubes...

Hate being surrounded by these idiots, invest in public education. And perhaps remedial science for Republicans.

Better yet, learn to recognize when morons are yanking your chain...

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