Thursday, 9 May 2013

"Over the Line": The hidden war on Mexico

US border agents shooting dead citizens of  a friendly nation might seem absurd and perverted, but at least it appears a Mexican citizen was shot dead while gathering fire wood as agents chose him for target practice.

At least fiver other Mexicans have been killed as poorly trained border agents step over the rules of engagement and peace treaties with Mexico.

Poor training is a hallmark of the Lucifer Effect. An not taking care to provide training, and stonewalling information requests reads like American exceptionalism. But considering racist epithets still lurking in the conservative political psyche, it seems inevitable that applicants for border patrol will apply with a xenophobia agenda.  And horrifyingly, what better way to keep Mexicans off US soil than to shoot them before they set foot over the border.

The information from US authorities is scant, even the border camera footage has not been released, nor the names of the agents involved. There is not even the appearence of accountability for these incidents even.

Surely, there can be justice for husband shot dead at a barbeque, or a boy out to buy hot dogs. Surely someone can organise a We The People petition and raise their voices to get it over the 100,000 mark.

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