Saturday, 25 May 2013

Leaked Tape: The Seal Team 666 briefing

The following is a transcript of a leaked recording made during a recent Navy Seals' briefing. The transcript came with documents revealing a new addition to GW's infamous "Axis of Evil".Seal team 666 first came to public attention when Bill Maher revealed a mission to rescue Edward Davies, Mitt Romney's Father-in-law, from kidnappers "The Lords of Kolob".

Seals, We've been tasked with a new mission. Our targets pose a direct threat to the security of the these United States.
With in their homeland they
  • Use money to corrupt public officials.
  • Seeking to control media. 
  • Work against their nations democratic and security interests, Subverting the will of the people.
  • Issuing  propaganda against the interests of the United States.
  • Already other branches of our Military forces is preparing for the consequences of our targets actions and declared affect of their actions to be the greatest threat to national Security America has ever seen. They are expecting large numbers of refugees, some from unstable regimes who may choose to settle within our borders.
  • Already we have seen failure of crops, looting, toxins in water supplies, and massive destruction in several metropolitan cities linked to their activity.

Now Seals, I grant you that so far, our targets sound like Bond villains. And you are wanting to know who our zealous anti-American targets look like:

Seals, this dossier has been compiled on our targets:
Media control
Political corruption (more)
Subverting democracy
Secretive Propaganda
Military response
Crop failure
Property destruction and Looting
Toxic water

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