Monday, 6 May 2013

Conservatives: Hate libs more than floods & droughts.

A recent study showed conservatives will spend more money to stick it to liberal environmentalists even though such actions will endanger the lives of their children and grandchildren even though Sandy and the Texas droughts got them thinking there might be something to climate change.

So what is more important than survival? For conservatives it can be spite. Given the nature of shore line flood these folks will quite literally salt the earth to spite the strawmen painted by right wing media and conservative talk radio.  While this may be a sign of the polarized nature of American politics, we cannot ignore two other factors - their invisible friend and the Kochtopus.

Between these, I'm left wondering "what is wrong with these people?" Then I remember between church, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones a segment of the population is doomed to be convinced against there interest of the most ridiculous bullshit known to man. This is to the extent that 4% of them believe Reptillians are conspiring to take over the federal government.

Then the founder of the White Student Union, went to counter protest May Day celebrations to "stand up for blue collar workers".  His beef was with communists - who's first priority remains blue collar worker. Between 1917 and 1981 the bottom 90% benefited from 69% of income gains. From 1981 when Reagan broke the unions, to 2012 the bottom 90% has benefited from 4% of income gains, while the top 10% benefited from 96% of the income gains.

This is in part why America sees 20% of its children living in poverty.  And conservatives think that is OK, because they have bought the lie that parents of poor children are lazy and unambitious. When the truth is more like the poor can not afford ambition. They have not got the time to go to college, between the two to three jobs and raising the kids. It is difficult to stop something sliding off from the table from time to time as is, let alone adding in 15 to 30 hours of study. Somehow conservaties can see the halving of the value of the minimum wage from  the the 60's to today means that if it had kept up would now be worth $18.50. What kind of idiot can't see that halving the minimum wage would not lead to more poverty. More to the point what kind of idiot does not care.

America is hungry. Hungry from food insecurity not seen since the 60's. Hungry for democracy not controlled be elite moneyed interests like gun manufacturers, the Koch brothers. Big Pharma, Big food, Monsanto, and lobbyists.

The demographics are changing. The more bullshit offered as fact the more people are rejecting the manipulation by media and the church. Revolution is starting, politically is seeking a constitutional convention to amend the constitution to overturn Citizens United. the is seeking to directly petition congress. Consequences of failure may be dire with more than a quarter of Americans believing an armed revolution may be necessary in the next few years. This if anything is a measure of the level of dissatisfaction with the way the economic an labour systems have been run into a ditch. When history and science is repleat with solutions That are demonstrated to work, creating more robust economies, social support systems, efficient infrastucture services. It can be harder to figure things out if you struggle to use Excel correctly.

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