Monday, 27 May 2013

Cameron to review Extremism handling

It has been announced today, that David Cameron is going to convene a task force to review the way police and intelligence forces handle religious extremists.

While speaking of the steps of Number 10 Cameron stated "We used to have a different way of dealing with religious extremists, we called them names like bishop and cardinal, and we would ignore their bad behaviour and eventually they just went away. Like Thomas Moore".

"But that doesn't not seem to be working anymore. Now they attack our children, in schools they come at them with torture devices dangling from necklaces and fixed to walls.  They burn into them images of fire and brimestone.

"We believe their are many options that we haven't explored fully, Perhaps if we give them money they will go away. It seems giving them a comfort place sit in The House of Lords isn't enough these days, maybe, if we offer them popcorn they stop being so demanding.

"But they still cause trouble, they talk about stealing food and sleeping bags from the homeless like it is a  bad thing, this chatter really must stop.

The PM also expressed concern that these  extremists may be inclined to support groups bent on the ousting the government BNP, British Labour Party, Union groups and hate groups such  disabled welfare activists and the EDL.

Read more at the Guardian

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