Friday, 24 May 2013

ATOS not killing them softly

With my background in information technology I'm as well qualified to diagnose your kidney failure as a physiotherapist is to diagnose PTSD and depression. Yet ATOS, has used Emma Nicholls' determination that George Rolph does not have a psychological disability featuring depression and PTSD and disability that would affect a Kent resident from working to cut off all assistance to him. This decision comes after three previous assessments determined that he was not able  to work.

George had a fairly spectacular breakdown on UK television right in front of Philip Schofield, Fern Britain, and millions of viewers.

His treatment at the hands of ATOS echoes experiences of ACC claiments in New Zealand with doctor shopping and and accusations of malingering. While a few will rort the system the vast majority have real need of real help.

Georges plight is not uncommon, the UK welfare austerity and campaign against the disabled has pushed a number people with unstable mental health conditions to suicide and some with physical disabilities and medical conditions deteriorate with fatal consequences.

He's taken it lying down, This former advocate for abuse victims is taking on one last Campaign. From Monday UK time he stopped eating or taking fluids he expects to be dead by the weekend.  He is asking people to raise awareness internationally of his protest and  of the shocking way the disabled are maligned and mistreated by the Cameron government.

George likened it to Nazi-ism and Stalinism.

What is worrying in New Zealand is that we see the smears against the disabled here. We have even had our own hunger striker protesting the denial of disability allowance. He won that fight. As media attention, encouraged Work and Income to reconsider.

Contact your representative, politely make known that institutionalized abuse and bigotry against the disabled is unacceptable.

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