Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Woo, the perveyors, and the best known sceptic.

Today the Humanist Society ran a presentation on the work of James Randi and the James Randi Educational foundation.
Randi is best known for his work exposing hucksters, Including Ure Geller, Peter Popoff. He also exposed practises including divination and psychic surgery.

Sylvia Browne famously announced that she would accept the Randi foundation $1m challenge. She has not been in contact since. When first asked about her no show, she claimed to not know the contact details. The Randi foundation promptly supplied contact details. Later she claimed that she did not want to take money from godless people.

Here are some of Sylvia's more spectacular fails:
Sylvia presses on with her notional drowning of a 9/11 firefighter

Sylvia tells a family their missing boy is dead before he is found alive and well in an urban St Louis Apartment.

James Randi exposes psychic surgery on Johnny Carson:

James is going strong at 84, He announced the pigasus awards naming Dr Oz as a leading purveyor of woo for 2012/13. Over the last year We have seen on the Dr Oz Show Joel Olsteen and meditation promoted for well being an debates over reparative (ex-gay) therapy and the legalization of marijuana/cannabis(psychosis not mentioned). Also a variety of fringe science topics. Dr Mamhet Oz's outstanding efforts promoting pswudo science and none science on the show has earned him a third Pigasus. No one has ever before received this honoured accolade as often.
Alex Jones also won in the category of conspiracy theory.

We should be thankful for the work of the JREF. It is massively unappreciated by too many.

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