Friday, 26 April 2013

Some celebrations...

A week ago, I made the 200th post. As it happened, that article was celebrating my nation's legislature passing marriage equality. In the next few days, someone will be the 13,000th viewer. 
So far I have found a modest and enthusiastic audience, who seem to be very forgiving of typos. I'm also grateful for this audience.  I'm especially grateful, for the assistance from Indianapolis, with the proofing of some recent articles.

More great news for the LGBTI community, France and Rhode Island have voted for Marriage Equality.

Researchers have successfully 3D-printed functional liver tissue. This will be great news for those affected by Hepatitis or other liver disease who otherwise have to rely on transplant surgery. It will still be some time before this becomes a clinical option, but it is good to know what is just around the corner. (more)

Pakistani agricultural workers have won trade union rights. As well as reducing exploitation this is important in low wage economies for lifting economic performance of the economy as a whole, better paid workers create demand and grow the business sector. (more)

People around the world have stood up for free expression in Bangladesh. This is important because of riots, murders and the use of blasphemy laws to quell criticism of Bangladeshi Muslim war criminals who have escaped justice for 40 years. Congrats to those organizing these successful demonstrations. (more)

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