Saturday, 27 April 2013

Real purpose for GW's Library revealed :)

Doctor's at the Houston Texas Memorial Hospital today a released statement revealing the real reason behind the George W Bush Library – memory loss.

It is widely reported President Bush is a recovering alcoholic, less well known is the extent of damage that he suffered from his alcohol abuse.

The doctors are hailing the library as a success of technology aiding the brain injured. They hope the technology may one day be to available others including veterans and vehicle accident victims.

“We are excited that this technology, will allow former President Bush to have full recall of his time in office”

A number of foreign diplomats said off the record that they agreed that it was indeed an exciting development, one saying “I think it is time to call The Hague, what he did to 'french fries' must see justice, now that mental incompetence is no longer a legal issue with the former president.”

A legal expert working with Webster's Dictionary, told Theocracidal "We think we have a pretty good case. GW's torturing of the English language pretty well documented.  This removes the one legal hurdle that was really problematic."

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