Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A proud day for human rights in NZ

A lame and disgusting smear from
traditional marriage advocates
It looks like today will be the day New Zealand legalizes the love of consenting adults regardless of sexual orientation. This is a step forward for many reasons, it is an advance in human rights, and for secular society. Clearly the opposition to this bill has been primarily driven by conservative religious views with groups associated religious organzsations providing the bulk of the relatively limited opposition to the change. I described the opposition as relatively limited, because New Zealanders, diverse walks of life came forward to defend or assert the rights of the their friends and loved ones to celebrate their with public ceremony and the dignity of the name of marriage for their relationship.

Even though we have had Civil Unions for about 8 years, having to call legally bound committed relationship, sticks in the craw for some as a form of apartheid. Some thing qualitatively less than marriage. And for others, especially those objecting that is just the way they like it.

Thankfully, from today that situation will be no more. After today, gay men and women can have more than the soup bone of Civil Union, and enjoy the full roast.

It is a day celebrate, with many more celebrations to come. Thank you Jacinta Adhern for seeing through the nonsense of the Mormon church that you were raised in to stand for Gay New Zealanders, including your uncle. I don't care what the right wingers say, you're fabulous.

Most especially, thank you to Louisa Wall,   for introducing your  private Member's bill correcting this in justice.

Update: the bill has passed 77/44. I was up all night celebrating with freinds old and new.

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