Saturday, 16 March 2013

So you think religion is a force for good?

Take a look at the good it has been giving us lately...

Misogyny, religious bigotry, discrimination, violence against women, children and dissenters.
Many talk about returning to "traditional values" but lets look at those traditional values.
Before 1865, a woman could be raped and have no legal recourse if her rapist was her master because "property" cannot be raped.
Before 1938, children would be denied education and sent to work in factories until the enactment of child labour laws.
Before 1968, it was ok to pass laws to descrimination based on ethnicity in voting rights.
Before the late 1837 century married women had virtually no legal status, by 1887 still one in three states had legal recognition women and by the end of the century the states of Delaware, South Carolina and Virginia still failed to recognize women.
Only this year did Mississippi Ratify The US Constitutional amendment banning slavery.
In 1885, the age of consent was 10-12 in most states and 7 in Delaware and it took 25 years of campaigning to raise the age of consent to to 16 or 18 in most states.
Before 1920 women could be denied the right to vote in US elections until that year saw the passing of the 19th amendment.
Before safe legal abortion, the most common cause of death for women was botch backstreet abortions. Now complications from abortions are relatively rare.

Yemen still practises traditional value and the average of a Yemeni bride is 13.
Evangelical churchs in Africa are engaged in the traditional war against witchcraft, but the witches they find are between 5 and 14. These children are tortured, burn, drowned, abondoned as preachers and families blame them for family misfortunes.

So the question is, how is any of this "ideal"?

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