Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sean Faircloth in New Zealand

Sean Faircloth is on a speaking tour New Zealand, this morning he spoke to Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand.

We here are seeing signs that religious fundamentalism is growing here, and causing harm.

The Catholic Defence League vandalisng the bill board of a progressive church.

Destiny Church driving its laity into bankruptcy.

Even Campbell live has covered the Church that claimed Jesus cures cancer a belief that leads people to eschew effective treatment.

Parents seeing their children been distressed by the teaching of Religion Instruction by CEC(Church Education Commission) and CEF(Child Evangelism Fellowship).

It also appears the assault on secular politics is under way, Those with longer memories will recall the Christian Heritage Party, more recently the Conservative Party of New Zealand gain 1% of the vote after spending a fair amount of Colin Craig's money and giving him a platform to spout his homophobic and misogynistic views.

Tickets for Sean Faircloth's speaking engagements are available from Free).


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