Monday, 18 March 2013

Is not the wind farms it's hot air about them.

It appears concerns over health effects from wind farms has been shown to be a psychological effects from rhetoric generated those advocating against wind farms resulting in excessive worry.

Accord to Sydney University professor of Public Health Simon Chapman ""If windfarms were intrinsically unhealthy or dangerous in some way, we would expect to see complaints applying to all of them, but in fact there is a large number where there have been no complaints at all,"

The study is the first into complaints about wind farms notes that western Australia has 13 wind farm none of which have attracted any complaints.

For two decades small and medium size turbines ahd been installed and in operation without complaint. Four years ago things started to change as group started to oppose wind farms on largely aesthetic grounds "Then in about 2009 things started ramping up and these people discovered if you started saying it was a health problem, a lot more people would sit up and pay attention. It's essentially a sociological phenomenon,"

It seems some people will talk themselves into anything.

Source The Gardian

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