Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fuck You Gordon Gekko

Dennis Trainor says what I've been thinking and many of you know, and some chose to deny. But Even US Attorney General Eric Holder was forced to say essentially that the big banks are too big to jail.
We now have a banking sector that is so powerful it can engage in criminal drug money laundering and sanction busting with out fear of criminal prosecution. This is where greed has taken us to a new Wild-West where people are widgets, corporations are kings, and governments are mere tools. This is why we need Occupy, This is why need Anonymous, This is why we need Wikileaks.

When James Cameron created Terminator he create a nightmare anti human future dominated by machine control. The reality we are facing is perhaps just as bleak, the only difference being that the machine in control is the super organism of corporate authority. We've already invented the HK drones and used them in central/south asia. We already growing deprivation 90% of the US population and corporation captured more than 95% of US economic gains of the last 4 years.
[End of rant]

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