Saturday, 30 March 2013

Do Atheists Have a Civil Rights Problem?

Yes, there are those who would replace the separation clause of the US Constitution with "Congress shall make not law preferring a sect of religion of anther." Wording that was specifically rejected because it denied the rights of the non-religious.
News articles of people being evicted after the revelation of their atheism, others being fired because of their atheism. Kids bullied in school sometimes by teachers because of their atheism.
As much many Christian Americans say they value free speech, how it few bat an eyelid when billboards proclaim atheist are hell bound but law suits are virgorously persued when Atheist billboards point out the irrational absurdities of religion?
And seven US states still have in their constitutions and statutes prohibitions that require belief in a god or heaven for public office. In 2006 North Carolina Republican representatives attempted to prevent an elected official for taking office because he was an Atheist. But there hope, work to be done and stepping up...

See Republicans try stop Atheist in office.
   Threats over billboards.
   Atheist bullied out of school.

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