Friday, 8 March 2013

Cringe worthy science headlines

New Scientist

New Scientist was criticized for it's front page headline "Darwin was Wrong" in relation to an article on horizontal gene transfer in early microbial life forms.
Higgs gets the Twitterati going <i>(Image: Twitter)</i>

Perhaps the editors at New Scientist are lining up for another smacking over this weeks headline "We've run out of explanations for the universe" which relates to an article about a tweet from a CERN scientist that the putative Higgs Boson doesn't have the quirks needed to complete the standard model of physics. No official announcement has been made, even if the "Higgs" isn't what physicist are hoping, they have learned something new that will point them in other directions, some of them will lead to answers.

If you have seen other cringe worthy headlines related to science I'd love to see them. Please mention the source and publication date if possible.

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