Monday, 4 March 2013

CFI-Michigan wins settlement against bigoted country club

Center For Inquiry 
According to an article in Secular News the owners of Wyndgate Country Club who "[did] not wish to associate with atheists" after being sued for discrimination and breach of contract after the cancellation of a 2011 event featuring guest speaker Richard Dawkins .

The suit cited voilation of Title II of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. The settlemetn was reached on the 26th of February.

Owner Larry Winget decided to cancel the booking after seeing evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins talking about the his book Magic of Reality on the O'Rielly Factor. Wyndgate staff said Winget "did not want to associate with certain individuals or philosophies."

Congratulations to CFI-Michigan.

Free speech/expression means little if those who discriminate are allowed to do so freely. It is excellent that the owners of the venue have been brought to account and sending a message to others who may think reasonable to discriminate against reason.

Source: Secular News
  Club and Resort Business

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