Monday, 4 March 2013

Another epidemic of catholic perversion

While the paedophile scandle has been highly publicized, less well known is the plight of nuns put upon by priests.
According to documents released to the National Catholic Reporter, Catholic priests are exploiting their power and position for sexual favours from nuns, especially in third world cultures where women are more conditioned to be subordinated to men.

The problem with celibacy, is that human libido will drive people to sexual expression, if healthy options are not available then unhealthy even criminal expression will occur for segment of such a behaviourally constrained population.

Catholic Church needs to do two things to save itself from oblivion, end celibacy, and turnover sex offenders to law enforcement.

Celibacy was originally introduced to ensure the wealth of the church would not be lost to the heirs of priests. It is not like the rule is really needed any more.

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