Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A disgrace to the uniform

Sadly, all too often, we see officers charged with protection of the public being the kind of people the public need protection from and so disgracing officers who daily put themselves in harms way to protect and serve.

The problem rarely in isolation, regular people fall victim to the Lucifer effect. This is where individual ethics is subjugated to the group agenda. It was first described after the Stanford Prison experiment, it was seen in Abu Graib. Its rife within the institution of the Catholic church where the instinct to protect children and nuns from the sexual violence of priests is over ridden by the need to protect the tribe of the church authority.
New Jersey police apparently  have a form for this too.

Occupy Philadelphia protester Michael Blas is held by a police officer during a protest by the group at a Wells Fargo Bank office.

Philidelphia recently lost their case against occupy protestors in a bank sit-in. The judge in the case shook the hands of the Occupy defendants after case.

In New York Police Officers committed perjury in a failed attempt to lock up Micheal Premo. Officers were coraling Occupy protests using orange plastic nets a practise they call "kettling". When pressure from the officers collapsed the occupy crowd, Premo crawled out and was tackled by police. Police accused Premo of tackling them like a "linebacker". Premo was acquited when this video showed his arrest did not comport with Police testimony.

To see more about this case read this article.

According to this article New York's women are getting arrested for possession of condoms not a crime in itself, but police make the spurious accusation that these women are involved in prostitution. It works like this, a woman out late at night with her boy friend; a van rolls up beside them and eight officers spill out of it; they tackle her to the ground and pick her purse; some condoms fall out; an officer says "You're a fucking prostitute. You're doing sex work.".  This precise scenario happened to Bianey Garcia(23) on 86th street, Jackson Heights. Read more here and here.
Trans women like Bianey are especially vulnerable, as they have the well founded fear of persecution in the jail environment. That fear leads them to not contest the charges in order to avoid arraignment.
This one case is a little more subtle, in it demonstration of the Lucifer Effect and there are some other things going on. Prostitution laws as we know them today are the modern species of Mosiac Law found in Israelite tradition. The authority behind such laws, beyond the legal authority is the authority of the invisible sky wizard or, as neuropsychology calls it, the ego. In order to protect the perceive value of marriage religious authorities must persecute those those who find alternative ways meet their physical and emotional needs. If they don't, they have to admit that relationships other than marriage have validity which exposes the exceptionalism given to marriage as false. Nobody likes to admit they've been had or caught in a lie.
Lets see What Professor Philip Zimbardo says about the Lucifer effect.

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