Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ratzinger quits! Woot!

Pope Benedict has resigned citing his failing health  and medical advice to refrain from transatlantic travel.

I can't help wondering if while he packs, he will take with him the stink of bank irregularities and of his role in sequestering paedophiles from law enforcement agencies.

The decision comes just weeks after a US judge ordered the release of documents with names un-redacted concerning the handling of sexual abuse cases within the American Diocese.

Curiously, the medical advice specifically advises against transatlantic travel. Could this be because any greeting he might receive might include steel full-wristed cuff links or a pair of bracelets from the FBI?

The move seems suspicious in part because neither the Catholic laity nor the public at large have been spared the crass spectacle of papal gerontological decline in 600 years. So why should they start now?

Sadly within a couple of months a new drone with be selected to replace the defective unit.

Source BBC

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