Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Papal Resignation: More than meets the eye

It appears manoeuvrings in Brussels for a European state threatened the sovereignty of the Vatican and the Pope's liberty and his resignation is an attempt to prevent seizure of documents pertaining to the handling of sex abuse cases and the Pope being taken into legal custody.
The Vatican has expressed concern for the Pontiff’s liberty out side of the Vatican's walls.
Both as Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope the pontiff has been privy to all the sexual abuse cases which makes responsible for the lack of action.
HBO is about to air Mia Maxima Culpa as documentary detailing his role in the Vatican's investigation and lack of action. The documentary focuses on cases involving deaf boys with limited ability to communicate with hearing parents who did not understand signing and the priest who was "punished" by being relocates to California and continued offending against even victims. Another case involved a leader of Legion Of Christ who offended against over 200 children whom Ratzinger fought to investigate and thoroughly failed to sanction.

Like the Wall Street investment banks, the Vatican is too big to jail, but for how long? This is anyone's guess.


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