Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fox News: Germany Sunnier than U.S. Fail

Why is the U.S. failing to capitalize on solar even though it has some of the sunniest realestate on the planet?
Carbon Energy corporations could not possibly have a vested interest in making solar fail, now could they? And media who sell advertising to fossil fuel companies could not possibly have a vested interest in keeping their pay masters happy by sewing seeds of distrust in a clearly effective technology, could they? But the primary media outlet of GOP - Gas Oil Pushers they fair and balanced right? And Big Oil could not possibly involve the finance sector in their effort to control the economiy, could they.
Regardless of the growing black out in US network news the reality of the situation is clear. First solar forcing is not driving the rise in temperature seen in the last 40 years since solar irradiance has been relatively static..  
Some offer utter nonsense that CO2  has no effect on global temperatures. With a little math (liberal carefully removed) we can see the nonsense in what they are saying...
Even the Institute of Creation Research with it hard earned reputation for its anti science agenda provides this damning graph showing the trend toward more frequent storms. The article also points to increased destructive of storms over the last 40 years pointing to a study that shows the intensity of storm has doubled. and concludes "There seems to be evidence that hurricanes are becoming more destructive, due to an increase in frequency, intensity, and duration."
We have all observed accelerating sea level rise. After years of inconsistent results, an 11.1mm rise +/- 3.8mm from melting in Greenland, Antarctica, and the Artic ice sheet.
If you can't see climate is happening you are were either you born yesterday or you are deliberately stupid. If can't see big money manipulating politics, public opinion and distorting science you are a credulous buffoon. If you can't this is a problem socially, economically or for national security then you are a Republican.

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