Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What is scientology?

If you've been on the internet of the past year you have probably seen the question in this article's title before. What strange about this question is that it us being asked by the Church of Scientology at the same time another ad talks about seeking knowledge. Since the organization is the font of all things Scientology, it is surprising that they have to ask this basic question, shouldn't they now already? It is there shtick after all.

This campaign is a defence against the atrophy the organization is suffering as embarrassing stories of unlawful detentions harassment of ex-members, even the conviction for breaking to federal offices. Also stories from people formerly close to leader David Miscavige paint a picture of an office psychopath. Also doing wonders for their reputation is a campaign by hackivist group Anonymous.

One of the big stories of 2012, was the break up of Tom-Kat. The Hollywood celebrity couple Scientology liked to trot out as embassadors and as a hook to claim beautiful and successful people are members and "you" can join them. Apperantly Katy's concern for Suri arose as pressure came to bare for Suri to be further exposed to the church. Then there was that farcical attempt to find Tom a new mate after Katie left.

Like the Titanic lets hope this organization as a swift journey to the bottom.  While in 2011 Scientology claimed 11 million members, a religious identification survey by the US Census Bureau conducted in 2001 revealed an apparent peak 55,000 US practitioners. this number fell to 25,000 by 2008. Apparently Scientologies own numbers include everyone who filled in a personal information form or bought a copy of Dianetics.

The charges against The Church of Scientology are serious, ranging from social control, slavery, and kidnapping.

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